Taipei skyline

One of the original Four Asia Tigers, Taiwan has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 50 years to become a fully modernized, industrialized nation and a top player in the global economy. Situated on the southeast of the Asian continent, Taiwan is in the center of the East-Asian island arc, bordering Japan to the north and the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Vietnam to the south. This central location makes Taiwan a well-traveled regional tourism and healthcare hub, linking the Pacific Ocean, East China Sea, and South China Sea.

Taiwan’s beautiful and wild mountainous region on the east side of the island provides an array of luxury recovery accommodations, vacation attractions, sightseeing opportunities—and increasingly—healthcare options.

Listed as "One of the top 10 best countries to visit" by travel guidebook publisher Lonely Planet, Taiwan is a top tourism destination offering a rich culture, beautiful natural landscapes, robust economy, and established tourism infrastructure.

In 2016, Taiwan welcomed nearly 11 million tourists, including more than three million visitors from Mainland China. Western culture and art thrive here—from baseball to billiards and karaoke. Taiwanese film director Ang Lee brought us The Life of Pi and produced the Oscar winners Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain.

Although suffering from pollution and traffic snarls, Taiwan’s principal cities are modern, friendly, and safe, with bullet trains connecting the island’s major industrial and population centers.

Taiwan Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Taiwan applies some of the world’s highest healthcare standards, so much so that Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman praised Taiwan's healthcare and national health insurance as among the best in the world.

Dozens of newly-constructed hospitals and clinics dot the densely-populated landscape, mostly in or near Taipei, its capital. As of 2017, 15 medical facilities were JCI-accredited (including hospitals, ambulatory and clinical care facilities).

While medical travelers from nearby China and Japan are major markets, centralized efforts have long been aimed at westernizing Taiwan’s health centers and promoting medical tourism from the US, UK, Australia and other English-speaking nations.

Mainland Chinese travelers visiting Taiwan for a health screening, cosmetic procedure, or medical treatment will benefit from a shared language and cultural background. Visiting patients receive high quality care comparable with Western countries while enjoying much shorter travel times and more reasonable prices. Taiwan has also welcomed thousands of medical travelers from Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and patients from the greater Chinese diaspora.

While US healthcare languishes in an expensive, often counterproductive “heal the sick” mindset, Taiwan’s focus is clearly preventive. Comprehensive healthcare screenings abound, and Taiwan’s close cultural ties to China have produced a wealth of alternative and complementary therapies and procedures, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Still, for the English-speaking patient, language and cultural barriers make the medical travel journey to Taiwan more challenging than its counterparts in Southeast Asia. When English can be found, customer service is excellent, at times over-the-top. One example is Chang Bing Show Chwan Health Care Center Park, which boasts a modern art gallery, a children’s museum, and a 200-seat movie theater for patients.

Taiwan’s specialties include cardiology, orthopedics, weight-loss surgery, neurosciences, cosmetic medicine and fertility treatments. Costs savings are generally on par with Thailand and Mexico —with savings of 50–60 percent over comparable care in countries such as the US and Australia.

Additional Resources

If you speak the language, you may wish to read the revised and updated Simplified Chinese translation of Patients Beyond Borders: Taiwan, Second Edition.

Taiwan at a Glance

East Asia's Rising Global Healthcare Tiger

Cities in Country:
Taichung City, Taipei, Kaohsiung City, Changhua County, Taoyuan County, Tainan City

Time Zones:
GMT +8

Country Dialing Code:

110V, plug type A

Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

Recommended Immunizations:
Hepatitis A and B

Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, English spoken by health professionals

Standards and Accreditation:

Last updated on 3 January 2018