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Healthcare: China's Must-Have Overseas Luxury
Jing Daily, 14 August 2019
According to Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, medical tourism “isn’t sexy to talk about” and is still seen as a social taboo. This is true to a certain extent, but it doesn’t imply that the industry isn’t a booming business, especially for countries who want to attract upwardly mobile and affluent Chinese patients.Read more

Medical Tourism: What You Need to Know
Liberty Talk Radio, 10 August 2019
"There is a full-blown medical crisis in the U.S. & citizens need more options." Dr. George talks to Josef Woodman about medical tourism" Listen

Expertise in oncology puts Malaysia on medical tourism map
The Sun Daily, 9 July 2019
"Data by Patients Beyond Borders shows that foreigners seeking treatment in Malaysia can enjoy average savings of between 60% and 80% on procedures such as CABG, valve replacement with bypass, total hip replacement, total knee replacement, gastric bypass, implant-supported dentures, full facelift, rhinoplasty and others. In comparison, Singapore offers cost savings of 25% to 40% and Mexico, 40% to 60%." Read more

The Worst Patients in the World
The Atlantic, July 2019
"In most of the world, what the doctor says still goes. 'Doctors are more deified in other countries; patients follow orders,' says Josef Woodman, the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a consulting firm that researches international health care. He contrasts this with the attitude of his grown children in the U.S.: 'They don't trust doctors as far as they can throw them.'" Read more

Juarez's medical tourism plummets as bridge wait times grow
ABC KTSM El Paso, 5 June 2019
"Medical tourism is one of Mexico's multi-billion-dollar industries and one of the main lures of border cities like Juarez, Tijuana and Laredo for American visitors. According to the web page of Patients Beyond Borders, a medical travel organization, in 2016 medical tourism contributed $4.6 billion to Mexico's economy. The reason? Cheaper prices." Read more

Millions Of People Are Going To Mexico To Recieve Better And Less Expensive Medical Care Than They Can Find In The U.S.
Mitú, 22 May 2019
"Josef Woodman, the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, said that he went to Cancun for his dental care. He told Newsweek that the dental work he needed would cost up to $15,900 in the U.S., but in Mexico, it only cost him $4,010. 'So, I saved about $10,000,' Woodman told the publication. 'And that is not unusual. You can save a lot of money.'" Read more

Miles de estadounidenses van a México cada año para obtener tratamientos médicos asequibles
Newsweek Mexico, 21 May 2019
"Según Josef Woodman, director ejecutivo de Pacientes Más Allá de las Fronteras, una organización que defiende los viajes médicos, entre 800,000 y 1 millón de ciudadanos estadounidenses hacen el viaje de Estados Unidos a México en busca de tratamiento asequible cada año." Lee mas

Medical tourism in Mexico attracts up to 1M U.S. travelers yearly
Yucatan Expat Life, 19 May 2019
"Insurance companies have just figured out all these workarounds where, yes you’re insured, but you’re actually under-insured and you don’t realize it until something bad happens." Read more

Thousands of Americans Are Crossing the Border into Mexico Every Year to Get Affordable Medical Treatment
Newsweek, 18 May 2019
"A treatment plan he estimated would cost $15,900 in the U.S. ended up costing Woodman $4,010 in Mexico. "So, I saved about $10,000," he said. "And that is not unusual. You can save a lot of money."Read more

Charlotte mom nearly dies after going abroad for surgery
Fox46 News, Charlotte, NC; 16 May 2019
"We try to keep people up to date on sites we have either visited or that we know to be excellent quality," Woodman said. "Make sure the chemistry is right. Make sure they respond quickly, make sure they request medical records and what we tell patients is you don't have to do it. Even when you get down there, if you don't like the way the clinic looks, walk away."Read more

Targeting the Complex Care Patient: Korea's Rising Global Status
IMTJ, 14 May 2019
"Perhaps even more exciting regarding spinal research and treatment is Korea’s innovative forays into non-invasive strategies for treatment of spinal disorders. While the rest of the world remains largely surgery-centric, in Korea “minimally invasive spine surgeries, including endoscopic spinal surgery, are commonly performed and compared with the preexisting conventional surgeries, and give better results." Read more

Medical tourism a cheaper alternative to surgery in the states but risks accompany the rewards
WMC 5 Action News Memphis, 25 April 2019
"Through Woodman’s 12 years of work with internationally accredited hospitals, Ministries of Health, doctors and specialists, Patients Beyond Borders compiled a short list of the most-traveled destinations and the average range of savings per procedure." Read more

I had my misgivings about going abroad for surgery
BBC, 28 March 2019
"Patients Beyond Borders, a publisher of guidebooks for 'medical tourists' estimates that more than 20 million people will travel to another country for medical treatment this year, up 25% from 16 million last year. Meanwhile, a 2016 report by payments giant Visa estimated that the medical tourism industry was worth $50bn a year, and continuing to grow." Read more

India Wants To Make Medical Tourism A $9 Billion Industry By 2020
CNN Wires, 16 February 2019
"Still, for many, cost savings can be a major draw. Using American health care costs as a benchmark, Patients Without Borders estimates savings ranging from 40% to 90%, depending on the country. In Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico and Turkey patients can save 40% to 65% on procedures and treatments. At the higher end are countries like Singapore and South Korea, where patients can save 25% to 45% on procedures. In India, the savings can start from 65% and go up to 90% with patients receiving quality care." Read more

Where care counts more than money
The Nation, 26 January 2019
"Famous for specialised treatments and anti-ageing programmes, Thailand ranks among the top 10 medical tourism destinations, along with Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico, Israel, Costa Rica, India and Turkey, according to Patients Beyond Borders. It's home to 64 hospitals accredited by Joint Commission International, which assures visitors safety and high-quality standards—the highest number in Asean and the fourth in the world." Read more

This Crisis Sees Millions of People Crossing the Southern US Border Every Year—from the US, into Mexico
Brit & Co, 26 January 2019
"But the phenomenon is hardly limited to Mexican immigrants in the US, or residents of the state of California. According to Patients Beyond Borders, a consumer website for medical travelers from the US, anywhere from 1.4 to 3 million Americans travel to Mexico for medical care each year." Read more

Sen. Rand Paul Joins Rising Number of Americans Going Abroad for Healthcare
Healthline, 25 January 2019
"The story highlights an ongoing, and rising, trend of Americans leaving the country in search of medical care. U.S. government data suggests that 150,000 to 320,000 Americans travel abroad each year for medical care, what's known as medical tourism. Other estimates put it at 1.4 million each year." Read more

They went to Mexico for surgery. They came back with a deadly superbug.
The Washington Post, 23 January 2019
"According to Patients Beyond Borders, a medical tourism guidebook, 1.7 million Americans traveled to other countries in 2017 for medical care, and that number is expected to increase. Many, such as Capone, travel to save money. Mexico is among the top 10 destinations." Read more

Sen. Rand Paul Is Having Surgery in Canada, Where Healthcare Is Publicly Funded
Fortune, 14 January 2019
"Medical tourism can offer savings between 20 and 90 percent, Market Watch reports, depending on which country you choose. Patients Beyond Borders estimates that 1.4 million Americans took advantage of more affordable healthcare systems abroad in 2017." Read more

The World at Our Feet
The Nation, 29 December 2018
"With many countries entering an ageing society and people increasingly focusing on their health, it comes as little surprise to see that more than 10 million tourists are now travelling to other countries to seek out the best treatments at an affordable price. According to Patients Beyond Borders, Thailand ranks among the top 10 medical tourism destinations, along with Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico, Israel, Costa Rica, India and Turkey." Read more

Dallas radio interview on El Paso patient's tragic outcome
KRLD Dallas, 14 November 2018
Josef Woodman speaks with KRLD Dallas's Mitch Carr about the importance of licensed medical providers and facility accreditation in light of the 30 October tragedy at a cosmetic clinic in Juarez, Mexico. Listen now

36-year-old Dallas woman in coma after plastic surgery in Mexico
WFAA ABC Dallas, 14 November 2018
"Online searches conducted by WFAA and Patients Beyond Borders found Rinocenter has no accreditation from the Joint Commission International or other leading agencies that provide international certification for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers." Watch now

Dallas woman goes to Mexico for plastic surgery, returns to U.S. on life support
CBS This Morning, 14 November 2018
"A 2017 study estimated nearly 1.5 million Americans were expected to travel outside the U.S. for medical care. In Mexico, procedures can cost anywhere between 40 and 65 percent less than in the U.S. Laura's family estimates her procedures were somewhere around $8,500. 'People are seeking alternatives,' said Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders. 'The oversight in countries like Mexico isn't up to the same standards as it is on the United States.'" Watch now

Travelling for Tech
International Travel and Health Insurance Journal, 29 October 2018
"Another popular innovation that patients are travelling for is proton beam therapy according to Patients Beyond Borders' Woodman. 'A high number of affluent Chinese lung cancer patients are flooding hospitals in the US, Korea and other destinations due to brutal air pollution in the major cities,' he said. Chinese paediatric patients are also receiving treatments at US hospitals." Read more

The Resilience of the American Vacation in Mexico
Skift, 15 October 2018
"American medical tourism to Mexico is as old as traditional tourism, dating back to approximately the 1950s, according to Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders. The organization estimated that in 2017, 1.4 million Americans engaged in medical tourism, which can be defined as seeking treatment abroad, often involving a leisure element, typically within a four-hour plane ride from home. Pricey procedures tend to drive these trips: dental work, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, and bariatric surgery." Read more

A lack of insurance is leading more Americans to have weight loss surgery in Mexico
Vox, 8 October 2018
"Following one's instincts while in a foreign country for medical treatment can be lifesaving, according to Josef Woodman, the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, which provides information to consumers about international health care travel. He encourages patients considering going abroad for health care to thoroughly research the medical facility they plan to visit for treatment. He says Americans undergoing surgery abroad would be wise to seek care in a multidisciplinary hospital or in a medical center that's close to one, because such facilities are equipped with emergency rooms, intensive care units, and infectious disease teams." Read more

Americans Are Traveling Abroad for Medical Care. Here’s How it Could Save You Thousands
Men's Journal, October 2018
"Nonetheless, it takes a special kind of person to grab his passport and get surgery in a place he's visiting for the first time. Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a medical-travel advocacy group, says the prime new market is millennials, like Bull. 'A lot of them have sports injuries, which aren't always covered by insurance,' Woodman says. 'They like to travel, they don't trust U.S. health care, and they love beating the system.'" Read more

The Future of Healthcare: Preventative, Personalized, and Precise
The Economist's Intelligence Unit, October 2018
PBB author and CEO, Josef Woodman, contributed to this landmark international healthcare study, along with nine other health industry experts. Read more

Berlin startup Qunomedical banks on global health tourism
Handelsblatt Global, 30 September 2018
"A 2014 survey from PwC estimated the market was worth $48 billion. The US organization Patients Beyond Borders says it is growing by some 15 to 25 percent a year." Read more

Plastic surgery abroad: what you need to know about 'medical tourism'
Evening Standard, 29 August 2018
"Medical tourism, which covers all types of procedures including elective plastic surgery, is growing worldwide at an estimated rate of 15 to 25 per cent, according to research firm Patients Beyond Borders. More specifically, the past few years have seen a rise in cosmetic surgery tourism, which is often sold as a package deal promising surgery and a holiday." Read more

China and IVF: Expansion of the One Child Policy
CNBC Asia, 14 August 2018
CNBC Asia anchor, Martin Soong, interviews Josef Woodman about Chinese patients seeking fertility treatments in other countries. Listen now

7 Options for Affordable Dental Care
U.S. News & World Report, 26 July 2018
"Contemplating leaving the country to find affordable dental care? This practice is known as dental tourism, and Mexico is a popular destination for those living along the U.S. southern border. The cost for many dental procedures in Mexico is only 10 to 20 percent of that charged at U.S. clinics. For example, root canals and crowns, which can cost thousands of dollars in Texas, may only require a $250 payment a few miles over the border. Companies like Patients Beyond Borders and Dental Departures specialize in coordinating dental care for travelers." Read more

Tucson tries to bring in patients from Mexico for specialist care: 4 insights
Becker's Spine Review, 23 April 2018
"According to Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, the inbound medical tourism sector represents about $9 billion annually across the country." Read more

Hospitals In Tucson, The Southwest Working To Lure Patients From Mexico
Fronteras, 20 April 2018
"Tucson's competition is tough, said Josef Woodman, author of the book Patients Beyond Borders and an industry consultant.... Minnesota's Mayo Clinic and Ohio's Cleveland Clinic for decades have been destinations for wealthy foreigners seeking specialized treatment, Woodman said. And lesser known hospital clusters in cities such as San Diego and Las Vegas have recently launched initiatives to attract medical tourism." Read more

Medical Tourism: Once Ready for Takeoff, Now Stuck at the Gate
Managed Care, 28 March 2018
"Almost 10 years later, it's safe to say that medical tourism has fallen well short of those bold predictions. Patients Beyond Borders, a travel guide and website for medical tourism, estimates that 12 to 15 million people traveled to other countries for medical care in 2016—and that's worldwide, not just the United States. Visa estimated 11 million people globally leave their home countries each year for medical procedures. So obviously, those breathless projections of 20 million or so Americans globetrotting in pursuit of cheaper health care didn't come true. Not by a long shot." Read more

Why More People Are Traveling Abroad for Plastic Surgery
Healthline, 16 April 2018
"'There are plenty of bad actors out there, particularly in the border towns of Mexico,' Patients Beyond Borders CEO, Josef Woodman told Healthline, 'but also in high-traffic leisure travel destinations known for cosmetic surgery, such as Dubai, Bangkok, and Istanbul. It's critical for traveling patients to carefully vet and select reputable providers with track records of successful outcomes." Read more

Why rush to foreign lands?
News Laundry, 23 March 2018
"According to Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), the world's most trusted medical tourism portal, 'patients willing to undergo some of India's cultural challenges will realise savings of up to 85 per cent on high-acuity procedures such as heart and joint work. Serving more than 300,000 international patients annually, the vast subcontinent welcomes international medical travellers in several large metro areas: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.'" Read more

Thinking of going under the knife overseas? Think again
The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 March 2018
The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the downsides of medical tourism—warning patients to carefully choose quality doctors and clinics when crossing borders for medical treatment. Read more

Americans still have to go abroad to get affordable health care
Salon, 5 March 2018
"Campbell and Woodman both said they don't expect Trump's repeal of the individual mandate for the Affordable Care Act to impact medical tourism in a positive or negative way. They see medical prices continuing to rise, no matter what happens next. Part of it was the Affordable Care Act itself, which Woodman said, 'wasn't what Obama was envisioning. It was raped and pillaged by the insurance companies. And so you end up with the same old lack of transparency.'" Read more

Considering the Tax Benefits of Medical Tourism
The CPA Journal, March 2018
"Medical tourism is a rapidly growing, multimillion-dollar industry. Patients Beyond Borders, a comprehensive source for consumer information on medical tourism, estimates that in 2016, 1.3 million people left the United States to seek medical care in other countries. The number of medical tourists is expected to grow substantially over the next five to ten years, as taxpayers travel for popular procedures such as knee replacements, face lifts, dental care, and even open heart surgery." Read more

Would you travel overseas for surgery? You might after reading these experiences
MarketWatch, 21 February 2018
"Considering the ridiculous cost of health care in the United States these days, the surge in medical tourism in recent years is hardly surprising. And, make no mistake, it is surging. According to Patients Beyond Borders, almost 1.5 million Americans traveled to a foreign country last year to save money on a medical procedure. That’s about a 10-fold increase from a decade ago." Read more

Medical Tourism Takes Flight
China Daily, 28 January 2018
"Woodman said: 'Unlike the US medical traveler (who tends to be lower middle or upper working class), the Chinese cross-border patient tends to be comparatively wealthy, older (55-75), more highly educated, and from urban areas.'" Read more

More Chinese Go Abroad for IVF Services
China Daily, 22 January 2018
"'The main driver is the lifting of the one-child ban in 2015, swiftly giving rise to an influx of Chinese couples seeking a second child, coupled with a dearth of reliable fertility facilities on the mainland,' Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, told China Daily Asia Weekly." Read more

International medical travelers a boon to Philadelphia
WHYY, 19 January 2018
"Patients Beyond Borders estimated that about 1.4 million Americans traveled abroad for health care needs in 2017. Worldwide, it’s a $439 billion business each year, with about 11 million people traveling from one country to another.The United States alone sees between 100,000 and 200,000 of those travelers, according to a 2015 U.S. International Trade Commission briefing. And Philadelphia is a natural hub to receive those medical travelers." Read more

Going Over the Border
AMI Magazine, 17 January 2018
"The perception is that medical tourism involves flying far overseas. However,
'about 60 percent of US outbound medical travel,' Mr. Woodman told me, 'is Americans crossing the border into Mexico for dental work. And even there, most of those patients are coming from Texas, Arizona and Southern California, traveling nearby for cheaper care.' He said that similar border crossings
exist elsewhere. Germans and Austrians, for example, travel into Hungary for dental care. These kinds of trips are often regular, yearly trips to their favorite dentists." Read more

India's Hospitals Are Filling with Desperate Patients
Foreign Policy Magazine, 2 January 2018
"Josef Woodman, the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, says the industry is pushing hospitals to seek international accreditation. 'When you get a JCI [Joint Commission International] that comes in and makes certain demands of the hospital, that's a benchmark for the rest of the health care system,' he says." Read more

‘Wellness tourism’ is fastest growing travel sector, says Lonely Planet
Eye for Travel, 2 January 2018
"Patients Beyond Borders, the US-based international medical travel publishers, say the world’s top destinations are (in alphabetical order): Costa Rica, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States. 'We estimate the worldwide medical tourism market is growing at a rate of 15-25%, with inbound patient flows highest in Mexico, South and Southeast Asia'." Read more

Malaysia raising its game for medical travel's top spot
Global Health and Travel, January–March 2018
"'Malaysia did a very good job at taking advantage of its cultural friendliness as well as the ' While about 23 percent of its population is of Chinese ancestry, Malaysia is a Muslim country that shares many cultural similarities with Indonesia, he noted. On top of that, English is widely spoken in urban areas. All these factors make it easier for Malaysia to serve patients from a variety of different cultural backgrounds." Read more

6 Trending Travel Trends for 2018
Huffington Post, 28 December 2017
"'Medical Tourism II – Patients Beyond Borders reports that close to a million Americans went outside the U.S. last year for medical treatment. As Boomers grow older and their health insurance becomes iffier by the day, 2018 is finally going to be the year that this seemingly always emerging trend finally does take off. " Read more

How Medical Tourism—a Hot-Button Issue—Could Help Canada's Economy
The Globe and Mail, 20 December 2017
"It is clear that as a country, we are lagging as a preferred destination for foreign patients. Currently about 11 million people travel abroad for medical care, according to Patients Beyond Borders, with the global market...estimated to be worth $38.5-billion to $55-billion. As Canada has sat back, Asian countries have promoted medical tourism for the past decade, making them the No. 1 destination for medical tourists." Read more

San Diego banking on medical tourism
BenefitsPRO, 8 December 2017
"The report cites Josef Woodman, who runs Patients Beyond Borders, a yearly publication that analyzes the medical tourism industry, saying that just building out that infrastructure can cost as much as $1 million for each culture or part of the world a medical tourism campaign targets." Read more

Medical Tourism in Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology Business Magazine, December 2017
"'We are seeing a rising trend for what I call the incidental medical traveler, one who is going to travel anyway and seeks light medical care while on the road,' Mr. Woodman said, noting this medical care is usually minimally invasive with predictable outcomes and short recovery periods."Read more

Come for a new hip, stay for SeaWorld? San Diego bets on medical tourism
STAT News, 29 November 2017
"'It's a tough sell,' said Josef Woodman, who runs Patients Beyond Borders, a yearly publication that analyzes the medical tourism industry. Among the many issues that need to be addressed: Local hotels need to be equipped appropriately to handle patients recuperating from various types of treatments. Hospitals need to train their doctors to be culturally sensitive to patients coming from different parts of the world. They may need more interpreters...."Read more

Five-star treatment: Top 10 Destinations for Medical Tourism
The National: UAE Edition, 29 November 2017
"United States-based Healthy Travel Media, publisher of Patients Beyond Borders and a leading resource on medical tourism, has defined the top 10 destinations in the world today." Read more

Medical Tourism Looks Healthy in Malaysia, But in Singapore?
South China Morning Post, 19 November 2017
Woodman advises targeting the Chinese market because the rise of its middle class means many people can now afford better health care than is available domestically.Read more

Dying to lose weight: The lucrative ties between border surgeries and U.S. middlemen
Arizona Republic, 16 November 2017
"'It's a highly unregulated business,' said Woodman, who wrote a book that includes tips for people considering medical care abroad. 'Even working with a facilitator, a patient has to do their homework. Check the doctor's clinic. Check if the doctor is American board certified. Check for legal claims or complaints.'" Read more

San Diego's big hospitals plan a push into medical tourism
LA Times, 9 November 2017
"But it's unclear how willing Americans are to travel within the U.S. for treatment and whether the economics are sustainable, says Josef Woodman, founder of Patients Beyond Borders, a resource for global medical travel. 'I don’t think anyone right now has the keys to the kingdom on domestic medical tourism,' he said. 'San Diego has some quality hospitals and clinics, but I've seen a lot of folks belly up to the bar and fail. There is an untapped market but it's a tough one because a lot of people are not willing to travel for their care and settle for the specialist that their [general practitioner] recommends in their own backyard.'" Read more

San Diego's next tourism craze: medicine
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 6 November 2017
"In the world of medical tourism, much less is known about the economics of the domestic segment compared to international travel for medical care, says Josef Woodman, founder of Patients Beyond Borders, a resource for global medical travel. The U.S., he says, can take credit for about 10 percent of the total volume of international patients, but that traffic accounts for 25 percent of the revenue because the care here is more costly, Woodman noted." Read more

Ticket to Health: Do your homework before traveling for medical procedures
The Dallas Morning News, 6 November 2017
"That kind of savings is prompting more patients to look outside the U.S. for big-ticket procedures. Patients Beyond Borders, an information service for consumers, estimates that 1.7 million Americans will turn to foreign hospitals for elective medical care in 2017. Most of those medical travelers are ages 45 to 65, too young for Medicare but old enough that serious medical issues are more likely to crop up, says Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders. To give patients some reassurances about quality, the Joint Commission International, an independent accrediting organization for U.S. hospitals, now accredits more than 400 hospitals worldwide." Read more

Surgery Safaris—The Facelift Africa Needs
Forbes Africa, 2 October 2017
"'Most nations in Africa continue to struggle to build out their healthcare infrastructure and are thus not yet suitable for the contemporary international medical traveler. South Africa (particularly Cape Town and Johannesburg), are exceptions, offering an array of medical care for regional and long-haul travelers, including cosmetic surgery, cardiology, dental care, joint and spine work, and ophthalmology,' says Josef Woodman, CEO of PBB." Read more

Surgery in the sun
IHMT, 17 July 2017
"But Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, the online consumer guide to international medical and health travel, draws the line differently. He has a stricter definition of what is acceptable to market as part of a tourism package. 'I would generally say yes on treatment, no on surgery,' he says. 'Tourism and treatment can be compatible—and we're seeing some success with what I call light or incidental medical travel. Forget cardiology, forget cancer, forget orthopaedics and even some of the heavier cosmetic surgeries, bariatrics or heavier dental surgery. Packages should be restricted to out-patient, but not invasive in-patient procedures. That's where you draw the line.'" Read more

Mexico Biggest Beneficiary If They Cancel Obamacare
El Diario, 10 July 2017
"'As I see it, AHCA is a component of a broader trend toward people seeking global options in their health care,' Woodman said. He believes the US medical system is broken and high hospital bills and staggering pharmaceutical prices push many Americans to seek attention across the border." Read more

Tijuana: from party town to tech hub
Financial Times, 20 June 2017
"The city has a big business in medical tourism, which last year pulled in about $600m of the annual $3.5bn spent in Mexico overall. According to Patients Beyond Borders, which publishes an annual guide to medical travel, between 200,000 and 1.1m patients come over the border every year for cut-price tummy tucks, dental work, plastic surgery, hair restoration and other procedures. Tijuana even has a dedicated medical tourism border crossing." Read more

What you need to know before you go to Mexico for dental care
ABC KGUN-9, 18 May 2017
"Another resource that patients considering medical tourism should reference is Patients Beyond Borders. It is not just limited to dental procedures and answers many questions you may have before heading out of the country. They have published a step by step guide to planning a successful trip out of the country for medical and dental care." Read more

Common Cents: Medical tourism
Napa Valley Register, 15 May 2017
"Years ago I received a phone call from a client in distress. She explained that she needed extensive dental work that would cost more than $20,000. She used an expensive yet popular dentist in San Francisco. These costs were going to be a significant strain on the finances and would make the retirement picture cloudy." Read more

Sri Lanka seeks to carve out niche in medical tourism
Oxford Business Group, 21 April 2017
"In a sector update released in February, local brokerage and research firm NDB Securities said medical tourism could drive new demand for health services, catalysed by the three private hospitals in the country that are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI accreditation, which certifies that a hospital meets the same rigorous standards as in the US, is among the top growth drivers of medical tourism in emerging markets, according to industry research firm Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Medisch toerisme en verblijf bij de boer trekken aan, 16 April 2017
"Hainan trok de laatste 7 jaren 800.000 Russische toeristen. Daarvan liet 80% zich verzorgen door een of andere Traditionele Chinese therapie. Ook de provincie Xinjiang ziet een toenemend aantal Russen of Kazachen komen voor medische verzorging. In China werden vorig jaar ook 2,1 miljard verblijven bij de boer geregistreerd en dat schiep 6 miljoen bijkomende banen." Read more

China emerges as next global medical tourism hotspot
Xinhua, 11 April 2017
"'We see a rising market in China,' said Patients Beyond Borders CEO Josef Woodman in an e-mail interview. He said China can successfully compete with mature markets in the region, as it is strong in TCM treatment and its health care infrastructure is fast improving." Read more

Tucson aims to become medical tourism mecca
Fierce Healthcare, 10 April 2017
"Medical tourism has become a lucrative business, for both healthcare providers and the local community, as visitors usually have extended stays in hotels and leased apartments, according to the article. Josef Woodman, CEO of the North Carolina-based Patients Beyond Borders, told the publication that approximately 250,000 medical tourists come to the U.S. for treatment each year and spend as much as $40,000 per patient." Read more

Globalized health care, an LSP's treasure chest
MultiLingual, April/May 2017
"As the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders Josef Woodman puts it, 'language is one of the principal Achilles' heels of medical tourism, particularly for the high-acuity patient with complex conditions that require precise communication about diagnosis and treatment.'" Read more

A boom in medical tourism to Mexico predicted if Obamacare ends
Yahoo News, 22 March 2017
"Patients Beyond Borders CEO Josef Woodman credits the Affordable Care Act with helping drive this trend by forcing people to make choices about their insurance for the first time, leading many to pick seemingly inexpensive 'skinny plans' that left many underinsured. 'Outbound medical tourism is not about rich people,” said Woodman. “It’s really people who are one medical condition away from the streets.'" Read more

Going to Mexico for dental care saved me $1,800, 13 March 2017
"Most of the Americans getting dental care in Mexico live in highly populated border-area cities like Tucson, Patients Beyond Borders CEO Josef Woodman says. He has been researching the industry for 12 years and says while cost is unquestionably the driving factor for seeking out-of-country care, he urges dental tourists to do their homework and not to choose based on cost alone." Read more

Medical Tourism Is Big Business But Still an Emerging Market
Skift, 10 March 2017
"With perpetually rising healthcare costs in countries like the U.S. or poor quality hospitals and doctors in other regions, medical tourism is thriving but many travel brands remain uncertain with how to address and market medical travel. That's the view of Josef Woodman, the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, an organization that connects travelers to accredited hospitals, doctors, and specialists around the world." Read more

Trump tira en EU el Obamacare... y activa aquí turismo médico por 5 mmdd
Vanguardia, 6 March 2017
"En un comparativo realizado por Patients Beyond Borders (Pacientes más allá de las fronteras), en México un Bypass cardiaco cuesta 27 mil dólares, mientras que en EU 144 mil, por lo que el ahorro es de 81 por ciento. En una operación de columna aquí gastan alrededor de 12 mil dólares y allá más de 100 mil, dando más de 88 por ciento de ahorro." Read more

Medical tourism taking wing as U.S. patients fly abroad for treatment
Leader-Telegram, 5 March 2017
"'We have access to great care here in the United States, and if people had their druthers and money was no object, they'd stay here for medical care,' said Josef Woodman, founder and CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a company that provides information and advice for consumers considering medical travel. 'But there's a whole lot of people who can’t afford the out-of-pocket costs here." Read more

Have Medical Condition, Will Travel X-Border, 6 February 2017
"The PYMNTS Global Citizen Index also features an interview with Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders. Woodman told PYMNTS that there are a variety of difficulties facing inbound patients, including increased costs and vast cultural and linguistic gaps." Read more

Trump travel ban could hurt medical visits to U.S.
Chicago Tribune, 31 January 2017
"Fewer international patients might be a problem for hospitals, said Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a company based in North Carolina that publishes and sells guides about international medical travel. 'Hospitals will feel it because as their margins shrink, they need that out-of-pocket patient that they charge a lot of money to,' Woodman said." Read more

Double-time dental
International Hospitals & Medical Tourism, 30 January 2017
"According to Patients Beyond Borders, which connects healthcare consumers with options for medical care worldwide, dental tourism has now become the most popular category of medical tourism. The organisation’s CEO, Josef Woodman, says: 'As populations age, the need for restorative and cosmetic dentistry is on the rise, which, coupled with the fact that most health plans do not cover [this type of] dentistry, can put huge and unexpected cost burdens on patients. For these reasons, some 30 to 40 per cent of all medical travellers seek some form of dental care.'" Read more

Spending: Travel abroad for low-cost health care
Chicago Tribune, 6 January 2017
"If a 10-hour flight puts you off, you have plenty of good options closer to U.S. borders. "Dental and cosmetic surgeries have always been available in Latin America and the region, but reliable medical treatment for complex conditions is now more widely available," says Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a consumer resource for medical travel. For instance, the 104-bed Health City Cayman Islands, which opened in February 2014, covers a swath of specialties, from thoracic surgery to bariatrics. Colombia offers some of South America's best cardiovascular care." Read more

Health of opportunities
Upward Curve, January 2017
"As recently as the late 2000s, medical tourism was barely on the comprehensive global tourism spending radar. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar industry, with the number of medical tourists predicted to increase by up to 25% every year for the next decade. According to a study published by Visa, research compiled by the Deloitte Health-endorsed Patients Beyond Borders, unveiled that more than 11 million people travelled for medical attention in 2016. The Medical Tourism Index 2016 report values the industry at $US100bn." Read more

Travel Abroad for Low-Cost Care
Kiplinger, 6 December 2016
"Some highly regarded facilities are not accredited by these international agencies, but you should investigate their standards carefully. Start by hunting online for any complaints or negative news reports that represent red flags. Hospitals may tout partnerships with prestigious U.S. medical centers, or they may highlight the number of U.S. board-certified physicians they have on staff, but these credentials are not particularly valuable on their own. Before booking an appointment with a physician or surgeon, ask about his or her background (including education and training) and for references from past patients. Also ask how many similar procedures he or she has performed, says Woodman. The higher the number, the better." Read more

The Dangerous Practice of Seeking Medical Treatments Abroad
Vice, 26 October 2016
"According to Patients Beyond Borders, a medical-tourism guidebook published in 2007, patients spend between $3,800 and $6,000 per cross-border medical visit, including treatment costs, transportation, and accommodations. Still, cancer drugs in the US can cost much more—research from Memorial Sloan Kettering's Center for Health Policy and Outcomes shows the price of 30 newly approved cancer drugs rose to $10,000 a month or more between 2010 and 2014." Read more

Medical Tourism On the Rise
KTRH News Radio, 24 October 2016
"With health care costs continuing to rise in the U.S., many Americans are choosing to go south of the border for major surgeries and prescription drugs. Roughly 900,000 Americans left the country in 2013 seeking medical care abroad, according to Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Without Borders." Read more

The allure of cheap doctors, drugs and dentists in Mexico
The Desert Sun, 20 October 2016
"Josef Woodman, the author of the medical tourism guide Patients Beyond Borders, estimated that 900,000 Americans left the country for medical care in 2013, but Woodman is not counting people traveling for prescription drugs, a big draw to Mexico. Another estimate for California only based on a 2001 survey put the number at 952,000 adults heading to Mexico annually for medical care, dental work and prescription drugs." Read more

Valley Startup Facilitates Process Of Getting Medical Treatments Abroad
KJZZ 91.5, 18 October 2016
"Josef Woodman is CEO of Patients without Borders, a group that's published a guidebook to medical tourism for the last 10 years. He has seen many organizations try to facilitate medical tourism and not make it because of the difficulties involved. But considering the number of patients going abroad compared with ten years ago, the increase in internationally accredited hospitals across the Americas, and the interest from Silicon Valley in investing in health care, he says we’ve reached a 'tipping point.'" Read more

PHL seeks bigger share in $72-B global medical-tourism market
Business Mirror, 29 September 2016
"The web site Patients Beyond Borders estimates the global market for medical tourism at $45.5 billion to $72 billion, 'based on approximately 14 million cross-border patients worldwide spending an average of $3,800 to $6,000 per visit, including medically related costs, cross-border and local transport, inpatient stay and accommodations. We estimate some 1.4 million Americans will travel outside the US for medical care this year [2016].'" Read more

How Scripps and Baptist Health South Florida are responding to medical tourism growth
Becker's Healthcare, 19 September 2016
"Patients Beyond Borders estimates that the worldwide market for international patient care is approximately $40 billion today, and is expected to grow at a rate of at least 15 percent year-over-year. More specifically, 14 million patients use medical services outside of their country of residence each year, according to Patients Beyond Borders. On average, patients spend between $3,800 and $6,000 per visit." Read more

Patients without borders: Medical tourism trade show comes to Ottawa
Ottawa Citizen, 8 September 2016
"Patients Beyond Borders, established in 2007 to promote medical tourism, estimates that 11 million people travel abroad to seek medical care, and that the global market is growing at a pace of 15 to 25 per cent a year." Read more

Top 5 spots for medical tourism
Becker's Hospital Review, 26 August 2016
"Approximately 1.4 million Americans are expected to travel outside the U.S. for medical care in 2016, according to Patients Beyond Borders. Medical tourism has gained popularity in recent years as people across the world look to access less expensive or better quality medical treatment." Read more

Flywire Expands its International Healthcare Payments Business
EconoTimes, 25 August 2016
"Patients Beyond Borders estimates that the worldwide market for international patient care is approximately $40 billion today, and growing at a rate of 15-25%." Read more

Radio Sputnik Interview
Radio Sputnik, 19 August 2016
Patients Beyond Borders author discusses medical tourism with Radio Sputnik. Listen now

Medical tourism among Americans expected to rise
Benefits Pro, 19 August 2016
"One perennial defense of the United States’ health care system is the fact that wealthy foreigners regularly come here to receive medical care. But medical tourism goes both ways. Among those for whom cost is a concern, the U.S. health care system is not an ideal vacation destination." Read more

1.4 Million Americans Will Go Abroad for Medical Care This Year. Should You?
The Fiscal Times, 17 August 2016
"'Medical tourism' was valued at about $439 billion last year in a new report by Visa and Oxford Economics, which projected that it could grow 25 percent a year over the next decade. This year, an estimated 1.4 million Americans will leave the country for a medical procedure, according to Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Click Here For Healthcare
Forbes Middle East, 14 August 2016
"Healthcare has become big business globally as more people seek out sunshine destinations to merge the best in treatments and facilities with a relaxing holiday. How far the market stretches is hard to predict due to a current lack of unified data collection, but Patients Beyond Borders estimates that around 12 million medical tourists seek treatment every year, spending roughly $4,000 to $6,000 dollars per visit." Read more

Thailand’s medical tourism thrives
TTR Weekly, 2 August 2016
"Patients Beyond Borders' editors define a medical traveller as anyone who travels across international borders for the purpose of receiving medical care. PBB understands the market size is USD 45.5-72 billion, based on approximately 12 million cross-border patients, worldwide ,spending an average of USD 3,800-6,000 per visit, including medically-related costs, cross-border and local transport, inpatient stay and accommodations. It estimates that some 1,400,000 Americans will travel outside the US for medical care this year (2016)." Read more

Mapping the Future of Global Travel and Tourism
Visa Performance Solutions, August 2016
In its Mapping the Future of Global Travel and Tourism report, Visa Performance Solutions cites medical tourism as a key driver in global travel (Page 8). Download report

Monterrey, un destino favorito del turismo médico
El Economista, 14 July 2016
"En general, los pacientes son de origen hispano que emigraron hacia los Estados Unidos así como hispanos nacidos en ése país, que vienen a México por atención médica, hospitalaria y dental, indica el estudio Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Dental concierge services takes NM patients to Mexico
Albuquerque Journal, 8 July 2016
"The idea of cross-border travel for dental care isn't new. A group called Patients Beyond Borders estimated that 400,000 Americans crossed international borders in 2012 for dental care, and it projected growth rates of 20 percent a year." Read more

Dental tourism growing: Quebec Order of Dentists
Radio Canada International, 14 June 2016
"Patients Beyond Borders, researched the development and found Mexico is the most popular destination for Canadians seeking elective procedures such as dental work. Costa Rica, South America and India are also popular medical destinations." Read more

How Cheap Oil and Fewer Nose Jobs Hurt Thai Hospital Stocks
Bloomberg, 29 May 2016
"Between 1.3 million and 1.8 million medical tourists traveled to Thailand last year, according to figures from Patients Beyond Borders, a consulting firm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The country is well known for cosmetic and sex change procedures. Medical tourism generated 107 billion baht ($3 billion) of revenue in 2014, according to the latest Thai government estimate." Read more

Region’s medical tourism boom fuelled by Southeast Asians
Sea Globe, 19 May 2016
"Globally, medical tourism is huge, and Southeast Asia is an industry hotspot. Patients Beyond Borders, a US-based organisation that tracks trends in medical tourism worldwide, estimates that the global market is expanding by up to 25% each year and is worth upwards of $55 billion annually with more than 11 million consumers—nearly a third of whom are travelling to Southeast Asia." Read more

Sex-change surgery: India’s new line in budget medical tourism
AFP, 6 May 2016
"The number pales in comparison to Thailand which draws up to two million [medical travel] patients a year, but the firm’s chief executive officer (CEO) Josef Woodman was confident India would become a future leader in the niche area of gender affirmation surgeries. 'I think in another three to five years. It takes time,' Woodman told AFP of the surgeries, performed by less than a dozen Indian surgeons mostly in Delhi and Mumbai." Read more

Chinese spur medical tourism in US
China Daily, 15 April 2016
"Competition among US hospitals for Chinese patients is heating up as they flood the US market, particularly lung cancer patients from large industrial centers like Beijing and Guangzhou in South China's Guangdong province, said Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a company that publishes medical travel guides." Read more

Why you should cross the border for a new face
New York Post, 29 March 2016
"According to Josef Woodman, CEO of the international medical and health travel Web site Patients Beyond Borders, increasing numbers of people are going abroad for health care. Judging by data from ministries of health and hospitals around the world, he says, 1.2 million to 1.4 million Americans are now heading overseas for surgery annually. And that number has been increasing by an average of 23 percent per year for the last 10 years. He attributes recent rises, in part, to Obamacare making Americans increasingly comfortable with shopping for physicians and insurance plans." Read more

Sun, sea and plastic surgery: Mauritius bets on the beauty business
CNN, 29 February 2016
"Mauritius' remote location could be a barrier to progress, according to Josef Woodman, CEO of consumer health group Patients Beyond Borders. 'One of the hallmarks of a good destination is accessibility,' says Woodman. '(Mauritius) has comparatively good healthcare for the region...but it's ambitious to attract patients from outside.'" Read more

10 countries where Americans can save big on medical care
AOL Finance, 26 February 2016
"Cost is a big factor in deciding whether to seek care abroad. According to 'Patients Beyond Borders,' a guide to medical tourism, procedures that cost more than $6,000 generally are cheaper if performed outside the U.S." Read more

Medical Tourism: Planning Your Plastic Surgery Abroad
Zwivel, 25 February 2016
"In 2014 Americans spent almost $13 billion on surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, and with some procedures at the hands of foreign doctors costing pennies on the U.S. dollar, medical tourism is booming. According to Patients Beyond Borders, the average range of savings for the most-traveled destinations can be of as much as 90%, with countries such as India, Malaysia, and Thailand showing the highest growth in the industry." Read more

Can medical tourism succeed in Central Florida?
Orlando Sentinel, 6 February 2016
"'You can't become a medical tourism attraction until you have a great story to tell, beginning with great quality of care,' said Josef Woodman, founder and CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, who has written a book on the subject. Central Florida may be on its way, especially with Lake Nona's medical city booming, 'but does it have a critical mass of hospitals? I'd say probably not,' Woodman said." Read more

Should You Travel Abroad for IVF?
US News & World Report, 15 December 2015
"Americans may also find equal, if not superior, care abroad, according to Woodman's book, 'Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody's Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Travel.' Barbados Fertility Centre, for example, reports an 80 percent IVF success rate for women under 35. Compare that to the United States,? where only about 46 percent of IVF cycles result in a clinical pregnancy on average, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology." Read more

Flywire expands beyond tuition, offering international payments for medical tourism
The Boston Globe, 27 October 2015
"The worldwide market for medical tourism is worth up to $55 billion annually and is growing at 15 to 25 percent a year, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a company that publishes medical travel guides." Read more

How Thailand Became a Global Gender-Change Destination
Bloomberg, 26 October 2016
"Thailand is the most popular overseas destination for patients seeking sex-reassignment surgery, according to Josef Woodman, chief executive officer of Patients Beyond Borders, a consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina." Read more

Puerto Rico looks to organ transplants to help cure ailing economy
Reuters, 22 October 2016
"'People draw the line at cardiology, (saying) 'I can't see myself on an operating table in a strange land,' said Josef Woodman, the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a medical travel information publisher. 'Puerto Rico has to show it can offer quality care to compete for heart transplant patients,' he said." Read more

Travelling for health’s sake (Part 1)
The Edge Malaysia, 19 October 2015
"A large number of medical travellers go abroad for a higher quality of medical care than they may be able to get in their home country. They include those from Indonesia, Russia, the Middle East and mainland China, according to Patients Beyond Borders. 'About 600,000 Indonesians travel to Malaysia and Singapore annually for access to general care as well as more complex treatments that are not yet available to the country's 240 million citizens. More than 100,000 Russians head to Turkey, Israel and the US. Affluent Middle Easterners travel to the US, Thailand and Malaysia; and mainland Chinese to Taiwan and Singapore,' it says." Read more

What Is Medical Tourism?
Discovery Digital Network, 10 September 2015
"For some Americans, serious medical procedures have simply become prohibitively expensive. A 2011 report by the OECD found that a heart bypass surgery can cost over $100,000 in the U.S. The same procedure in Mexico would cost around $4,000. Other countries, like Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand are welcoming this brand of tourism with open arms." Read more

Turismo Médico en México, sector en auge
Mundo Ejecutivo, 9 September 2015
"Según estudios de ProMéxico y de acuerdo a Patients Beyond Borders, a nuestro país llegan un millón de pacientes extranjeros al año, cuya derrama económica es de 2 mil 980 millones de dólares, según cifras del 2014." Read more

México, una atractiva oferta para turismo médico en Norteamérica
Notimex, 14 August 2015
"México es el país que más turistas extranjeros atiende en odontología y cirugía bariátrica (bypass y banda gástrica), según un estudio de Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Think you might want to retire outside the US? Better think about health insurance, 11 August 2015
"Woodman recommends that American retirees who are living outside the U.S. and are in decent health purchase high-deductible catastrophic coverage in the country where they're settling." Read more

Luxury Middle East medical tourism - just what the doctor ordered!
Al Bawaba, 9 August 2015
"Medical tourism is said to be a $50 billion-a-year business, and one that is increasing by 15-25 percent year over year, according to Patients Beyond Borders, an industry publication." Read more

Foreign Affairs
ITIJ Hospitals Review 2015, August 2015
"The most successful international services departments Woodman has seen, then, have a topdown commitment to serving the international patient. 'All the way up to the CEO, they have one reason or another for wanting to attract international patients: it might be for prestige, they want the best doctors to recognise that hospital; often it's because of their profit margins, because the self-paying patient is more profitable than others.'" Read more

Medical tourism in Auburn, Maine: What exactly is it?
Sun Journal, 31 July 2015
"Woodman said successful hospitals have the basics down when it comes to foreign patients: interpreters, familiar foods, cultural sensitivity. They also have a stellar medical reputation, are easy to get to and, often, have cultural or medical relationships with the sending country." Read more

Seniors on the Go: Medical tourism: Is it for you?
Chicago Tribune, 21 July 2015
"Mr. V.C. broke a tooth, and his dentist told him it would cost something like $6,000 to fix his dental problem. Like most seniors, V.C. had no dental insurance, and his dentist's estimate gave him a severe case of sticker shock. Getting on the Internet, he found reports of dental clinics in a range of countries, from Mexico to Malaysia, claiming the procedure he needed would cost only $2,000 in their offices." Read more

Dozens injured during weight loss surgery in Mexico
KGTV San Diego, 2 July 2015
"'Bariatrics and weight loss procedures are fraught with challenges for the medical traveler: difficulties vetting facilities; numerous potential complications post-op; need for follow-up with weight-loss and wellness programs, etc.,' said Patients Beyond Borders CEO Josef Woodman." Read more

Wellness Travel: Discovering Inventory and Clients in an Emerging Market
Travel Market Report, 25 June 2015
"The data and experience shows that we are in the very beginning of a sustainable, long-term market. It's a good two or three or four years away, which means if you're successful now, you'll be even more successful in the future when it hits." Read more

Medical tourism expertise helps Thailand cope with MERS
Reuters, 22 June 2015
"Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, a U.S.-based website that offers consumers information about medical travel, said Thailand could see a temporary drop in visitors but, as with the impact of last year's coup, it was likely to be short-lived. 'I believe, as with social and political unrest in Thailand ... a temporary drop in tourism and medical tourism may be experienced, usually with a rapid recovery to normal levels,' he said." Read more

Tummy Tuck, Anyone?
Senior Living, May 2015
"Some patients making the decision to travel out of country for surgery choose to arrange it on their own, researching their own destination and doctor. Josef Woodman, CEO and author of Patients Beyond Borders, recommends, among other things, that consumers refer to the Joint Commission International (JCI), an independent, non-profit organization that accredits hospitals worldwide to US standards of health care." Read more

Japan Firm Looks to Lure Medical Tourists With Hospital Ties
Bloomberg Business, 28 April 2015
"The global medical tourism market is worth up to $55 billion and is growing as much as 25 percent annually as the population of some markets age and become more affluent, according to research by Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Rating hospitals is a healthy move
The National, 29 March 2015
"According to advisory group Patients Without Borders, 8 million people travel abroad for medical and dental treatment each year, and the industry is worth as much as $40 billion (Dh147bn) annually. There are low-cost destinations – hospitals in Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and India offer treatment at less than one-tenth of the price in the US and Europe. And then there are the high-end ones, which is where many facilities in the UAE wish to place themselves." Read more

Medical tourism: mind the turbulence
InVivo, 23 March 2015
"Aristocrats used to travel for treatment to the thermal resort cities of France or southern England in the 18th century, but it was not until the 1990s that we began to see a large-scale migration of people seeking medical treatment. 'Those patients were generally wealthy and from developing countries,' says Josef Woodman, the CEO of the US organization Patients Beyond Borders, which publishes medical tourism guides. 'They could not find quality medical treatment services in their home country, so they would come to North America or western Europe.' Germany and Switzerland stood out in this segment among Russian-speakers and Arabs." Read more

Southeast Asian hospitals are seeking new markets
Nikkei Asian Review, 26 February 2015
"'In 20 years we will see a dramatic drop in medical tourists traveling for lower costs,' he [Woodman] said. 'Access to specialties that a country could offer such as special instrumentation will keep them traveling,' he said." Read more

Asia leads industry worth $55B
Nikkei Asian Review, 26 February 2015
"Patients Beyond Borders estimates that some 1.2 million Americans traveled abroad for medical care in 2014. The outflow has continued to grow, even after U.S. President Barack Obama in 2010 established a national health insurance program extending coverage to more than 90% of Americans. Employers that cover their workers' insurance premiums have seen costs climb, prompting them to offshore treatment—just as they do information technology operations and other tasks." Read more

How Cuba's Health Care Sector Aims to Gain a Greater Foothold
Knowledge@Wharton, 12 February 2015
"Following [the Cayman Island Health City] model, for the short–haul patient out of the US, whether for the uninsured or underinsured patients, elective or experimental treatments not yet approved by the FDA—all of those are possibilities" Cuba could explore, says Woodman. Read more

Discussion of medical tourism on Canada's Maritme Noon radio show
CBC Maritime Noon, 28 January 2015
Patients Beyond Borders author discusses medical tourism with Norma Lee MacLeod on her Canadian Public Broadcasting show, Maritime Noon. Listen now

Medical tourism could help increase tourism revenue
The Malaysian Insider, 26 January 2015
"According to Patients Beyond Borders, there is a glaring difference in costs of medical treatment in the United States and Malaysia. A hip replacement, for example, would cost USD33,000 (RM118,870) in the United States and USD12,000 (RM43,220) in Malaysia ..." Read more

Kazakhstan Welcomes Medical Tourists
Silk Road Reporters, 23 January 2015
"In 2013, around 900,000 Americans traveled overseas for treatment, according to Patients Beyond Borders, and an estimated 1,200,000 in 2014." Read more

Medical Tourism - Health care disrupter or fringe service?
DOTmed Healthcare Business News, 21 January 2015
"According to Forbes, in 2014, 1.25 million Americans traveled 'outbound' to receive medical treatment. Patients Beyond Borders, which compiles an annual publication of industry and patient information, in 2013, lists the U.S. as the second largest single 'inbound' destination (850,000 to 1.25 million) for medical tourists, behind Thailand (1.3 to 1.8 million)." Read more

Medical Tourism Might Be Just The Ticket
The Street, 20 January 2015
"If you want to figure out if going abroad will save you money, apply the $6,000 rule, says Patients Beyond Borders World Edition. If the total cost of your treatment (office visits, procedure and hospital stay) would be at least $6,000 more in the U.S., go outside the country. If the difference is less than $6,000, stay home." Read more

Planes, trains and motos
The Phnom Penh Post, 16 January 2015
"Josef Woodman, CEO and founder of medical tourism research firm, Patients Beyond Borders, said the top destination for Cambodian medical tourists is Thailand, followed by Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. 'Thailand is the main place that Cambodians head to because of the high-quality of care, the aggressive outreach that target Cambodian patients and the fact that there are a lot of hospitals that serve Cambodians in a way that other neighbouring countries’ hospitals because of offerings like translation services,' he said." Read more

Key trends to watch in 2015
The Star, 10 January 2015
"Patients Beyond Borders, a global site, lists Malaysia as one of its top 10 medical destinations and estimates the worldwide medical tourism market is growing at a rate of 15%-25% with rates highest in North, South-East and South Asia." Read more

Kazakh Medical Tourism Efforts Beginning to Show Results
The Asanta Times, 9 January 2015
"Kazakhstan has a long way to go before catching up to global medical tourism hubs like Costa Rica, India, Thailand and South Korea. Global statistics on the number of medical tourists worldwide are hard to come by, but the Patients Beyond Borders website estimates that Thailand attracted up to 1.8 million medical tourists in 2013, and Malaysia 600,000 in 2012. India serves some 250,000 annually, it reports. Closer to home, Turkey is reported to have hosted 110,000 foreigners seeking medical treatment in 2012, and its wellness tourism industry of thermal and mud spas attracts half a million visitors per year." Read more

Seeing the doctor, overseas: Medical tourism booms in Asia
Agence France-Presse, 22 December 2014
"The sector benefits from a 'perfect storm of an ageing global population, rising affluence and greater choice in quality hospitals,' said Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders. 'This is particularly true in Asia, where disparities in quality of care are driving millions of patients to countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan—and even the US and UK—in search of medical treatment not yet available in their homelands.'" Read more

Traveling Overseas for Medical Care
WOSU Public Media, 10 December 2014
Patients Beyond Borders author, Josef Wodoman, and Glen Cohen, professor of law and bioethics at Harvard, discuss medical travel with Ann Fisher on WOSU's program, All Sides. Listen now

Medical Tourists Flock to Thailand Spurring Post-Coup Economy
Bloomberg, 19 November 2014
"Foreigners seeking treatment for everything from open-heart surgery to gender reassignment have made Thailand the world’s No. 1 destination for so-called medical tourism, luring as many as 1.8 million overseas visitors in 2013, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina." Read more

"Dental tourism" on the rise, as more Americans head to Mexico & beyond for a deal
KGUN9, 18 November 2014
"We travel for leisure. But traveling for your teeth? Turns out, we do that too. It's called 'Dental Tourism', and according to national research group 'Patients Beyond Borders', in 2014 alone, more than half a million Americans are expected to head to places like Costa Rica, the Phillipines, India and, of course, Mexico, all to get a deal on dental work." Watch now

A Dental Vacation Could Save You Big Money
KEYE TV, 14 November 2014
"I was quoted about $5,000 for what I had been quoted $18,000 for here," said Conley. "It's a huge difference, it's about a third. And it's typical, for some top dental destinations. Patients Beyond Borders estimates in Brazil savings for American patients run between 20 to 30 percent. In Mexico and Costa Rica those numbers can double to 40 to 60 percent. The savings is expected to entice half a million dental patients to travel outside the U.S. in 2014. Many are from California, Arizona and Texas." Watch now

Brasil surge como opção no mercado de turismo médico
DW, 18 November 2014
"Segundo a organização Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), o Brasil recebeu 180 mil turistas em 2013 em busca da realização de procedimentos de baixa, média e alta complexidade. De acordo com a organização, no ano passado 11 milhões de turistas viajaram pelo mundo com esta finalidade, num segmento que fatura cerca de 55 bilhões de dólares por ano." Read more

Dubai Cuts Profile as Mideast Plastic Surgery Hub
Associated Press, 23 October 2014
"The Dubai Health Authority says that around 120,000 medical tourists came last year, generating revenue of around $200 million — a 12 percent boost from the previous year. That already puts it ahead of Turkey, with 110,000 medical travelers, and Costa Rica, with 40,000 to 65,000, according to 2013 figures from Patients Beyond Borders, a U.S. group that collects data on the industry." Read more

The 10 Best Countries for Medical Tourism
Insider Monkey, 7 October 2014
"An interesting fact about medical tourism is that it has been growing annually by 20%, over the past several years. Patients Beyond Borders, a source of consumer information about international medical and health travel has estimates that the worldwide medical tourism market will be reaching approximately $47 Billion by the end of the current year." Read more

Should You Have Surgery Abroad?
AARP Magazine, October 2014
"Vince Ellis needed a new knee. What the 58-year-old network administrator got, in addition to knee-replacement surgery at an internationally accredited hospital, was an all-expenses-paid trip to Costa Rica, a two-week stay in a four-star hotel, and daily visits from a nurse and physical therapist, all thanks to his employer, North Carolina–based HSM Solutions. What's more, he's now back at work, pain free, his retirement savings intact. 'I didn't pay out of pocket for anything,' he says." Read more

CTO panelists tackle medical tourism, legalizing marijuana
Travel Weekly, 30 September 2014
"Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, advised Caribbean countries to 'get your own house in order before becoming the next medical tourism destination.' He said solid infrastructure; strong policies; accredited hospitals, clinics and staff; and a strong reputation for medical safety are key assets that must be factored in to any decision to jump on the medical tourism bandwagon." Read more

Come for the Seven-Star Hotel, Stay for a Nose Job
Bloomberg, 24 September 2014
"Among the challenges Dubai may face as it seeks to capture a share of an industry worth more than $30 billion, is that it’s too expensive to compete on cost with destinations like India, and isn’t highly regarded enough to compete on quality with the U.S. and Europe, according to Josef Woodman, chief executive officer of Patients Beyond Borders, which publishes books on medical tourism. What the desert city does have is a reputation for luxury, and it’s using that to carve out a niche in the medical tourism market." Read more

EDB starts first medical tourism push
The Island, 15 September 2014
"Global Medical Tourism industry annual turnover is not definitive but Patients Beyond Borders, the oft-referenced consumer information source about international medical and health travel estimates that by 2014, the worldwide medical tourism market to be $47B (median value, $55 B at highest), growing 20% annually with 11 Mn cross-border patients worldwide, and $4250 median spending per visit!" Read more

Indonesia's Bitter Pill
Forbes Indonesia, 13 September 2014
"Where is Indonesia in the medical tourism game? Sadly, it is missing the opportunity. Despite the introduction of a new national healthcare plan and other measures to improve healthcare, Indonesia so far has not really participated in this market, though it is close to three of the biggest medical tourism countries in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand)." Read more

Obtaining health coverage when retiring outside U.S.
Chicago Tribune, 4 September 2014
"India and Malaysia are considered bargain destinations for patients seeking certain procedures, so, depending on your health needs, you may be better off paying out of pocket for health care than paying for a full health insurance policy, said Josef Woodman, author of "Patients Beyond Borders," a medical tourism guide that is printing an updated edition due out in January." Read more

Turismo médico: os 10 países mais procurados pelos viajantes
Veja, 25 August 2014
"Pelo menos 7 milhões de pessoas tomaram um avião em 2013 e viajaram ao exterior em busca de uma modalidade de turismo em ascensão: o turismo médico. A combinação de preço baixo e boa qualidade atrai viajantes para um mercado que cresce de 20 a 25% ao ano, de acordo com dados da Patients Beyond Borders, editora americana de guias de viagem especializada no setor. 'O aumento da riqueza mundial e da facilidade de deslocamento faz com que a procura por atendimento médico em outros países seja cada vez maior,' afirma Josef Woodman, CEO da editora." Read more

Ailing Afghans Enduring Taliban Rockets Attract SpiceJet
Bloomberg, 21 August 2014
"Zia, who like many Afghans watched Bollywood films while growing up and speaks Hindi, said he paid $3,700 for his mother’s knee replacement at Saket City Hospital in India’s capital. The same procedure costs about $19,200 in Singapore and $34,000 in the U.S., according to Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Knee Surgery in Singapore?
U.S. News & World Report's Best Hospitals 2015, 21 August 2014
"After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when travel visas into the U.S. were abruptly delayed, the Cleveland Clinic saw its traffic from abroad slow to a trickle. 'In two weeks, we went from 35 international heart patients a month to five,' says CEO and President Toby Cosgrove. So the medical center opened for business where the business was. Since 2007, it has managed Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, a 750-bed hospital in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Next year, it will begin serving patients at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a gleaming 4.4 million square feet in 24 stories that will rely on the center's homegrown systems and expertise and employ 3,000 doctors, nurses and other staff; the hiring is now underway." Read more

Bon Voyage? The Complexities—and Costs—of Medical Tourism
South China Morning Post, 15 August 2014
"After the Asian financial crisis, for example, Thailand's government directed its tourism officials to market the country as a hot destination for cosmetic surgery. It worked—last year, about 1.2 million visitors sought health care in Thailand, according to online medical travel resource Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Affordable, High-Quality Medical and Preventive Care for Patients Worldwide
Healthcare Elsewhere, 14 August 2014
John Cotes from Healthcare Elsewhere talks with Patients Beyond Borders author, Josef Woodman, about traveling abroad for medical care. Listen now

International patients boost Houston's medical economy
Houston Chronicle, 9 August 2014
"Patients Beyond Borders, a Chapel Hill, N.C.-based provider of international medical and health travel information, states on its website about 11 million cross-border patients worldwide spend an annual average of $3,500 to $5,000 per trip, including medical and travel costs." Read more

Bon Voyage? The Complexities—and Costs—of Medical Tourism
MDNews, 6 August 2014
"An estimated 1.2 million Americans will seek overseas medical care in 2014, according to Patients Beyond Borders, an organization that provides consumers information about medical services around the world. The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions has projected that Americans seeking care abroad could result in U.S. providers losing revenue of well over $200 billion by 2017." Read more

Malaysia tries to parlay appeal to Muslim visitors into medical tourism push
Reuters, 30 July 2014
"'Thailand's pricing is not attractive any more and Singapore can't cope with the flood of patients,' said Jacob Thomas, president of the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia. 'We are one of the easiest countries to enter. Most foreigners don't need to fill in a landing form.'" Read more

Taiwan, a well-kept healthcare secret
Times of Oman, 17 July 2014
"Taiwan is arguably 'one of Asia's best-kept healthcare secrets,' writes Josef Woodman in the Taiwan edition of Patients Beyond Borders, the most trusted resource in medical travel. 'I was greeted by a first-world nation, modern bustling cities, relentlessly hard-working people, high-speed bullet trains traversing the country, and—above all—dozens of first-rate medical facilities—universities, research centres, health parks and more—that would do any medical destination proud,' continues Woodman, who visited Taiwan in 2007 to gain firsthand experience of medical travel in the East Asian country." Read more

Third edition of Patients Beyond Borders
IMTJ, 14 July 2014
"Healthy Travel Media, publishers of Patients Beyond Borders have released an up dated and expanded third edition of the consumer guide to medical tourism and international health travel.This print and ebook offers health travellers information to help make decisions about traveling abroad for healthcare." Read more

Want Affordable Health Care? In Order to Get It You May Need to Leave the Country!
The Motley Fool, 13 July 2014
"It's a fairly well-known fact that medical care in the U.S. costs more than just about anywhere else in the world for a comparable procedure or care.For example, in July 2013 Bloomberg noted that the cost to perform coronary bypass surgery in India was just 95,000 rupees ($1,589), about half the cost of the same procedure 20 years ago. By the same token, data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services indicates that the same procedure at Ohio's Cleveland Clinic would cost $106,385—and these costs have only been rising over the past 20 years." Read more

Some Insurance Companies Ask Their Customers to Cross the Border for Care
The New Republic, 7 July 2014
"Uninsured Americans have long known that seeking medical care abroad is often more cost-effective than seeking it at home. Even after you factor in travel expense and time off work, you still often come out ahead. A hip replacement that would cost $75,000 for an uninsured patient in the U.S. is $9,000 in India. A heart bypass in the U.S. runs about $210,000; in Thailand it’s $12,000. According to Patients Beyond Borders, a company that facilitates medical tourism, those savings drove about 900,000 Americans to leave the country for medical procedures last year—a number they estimate is growing by 15 percent per year." Read more

Indian doctors come back to medical tourism hub
The China Post, 14 June 2014
"Patients Beyond Borders, a U.S. medical travel resource, says the cost of certain Indian medical procedures can be up to 90 percent lower than in the United States, making it one of the cheapest places for treatment." Read more

Coup crisis could cost Thailand its medical tourism crown
Reuters, 23 May 2014
"'News of violence that leads to adverse travel advisories or perceptions of personal safety risks can cause some medical tourists to postpone their trips for treatment, hoping that conditions will soon improve,' Kenneth Mays, senior director at Bumrungrad, said in an email to Reuters before the coup." Read more

Affordable Health Care You Won't Find in the U.S.
Bloomberg TV, 23 May 2014
"Rising medical costs in the U.S. are driving Americans overseas. Procedures like hip replacements and bypass surgeries are up to 90 percent cheaper in other countries. Here's a look at the numbers behind the booming business of medical tourism." Watch now

Medical Tourism: An Evolving Market That's Ripe For Growth And Opportunity
Healthcare Design, 15 May 2014
"More than 1 million Americans are expected to travel outside the U.S. for medical care in 2014, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a consumer medical tourism resource. Globally, approximately 11 million patients go abroad for medical treatment, with top healthcare destinations spanning the globe from Brazil and Costa Rica to India and Singapore." Read more

More patients going abroad for medical procedures
Houston Chronicle, 9 May 2014
"After researching, talking to friends and reading Patients Beyond Borders guides, Greta found Dr. Vijay Bose (VJ Bose) at Apollo Chennai Specialty Hospital in India." Read more

Transparency and trust in medical tourism
IMTJ, May 2014
"The first step in transparency is for a hospital to invite review by a reputable, third party accreditor like the Joint Commission International. JCI surveyors look behind the scenes to evaluate what patients cannot. When Bumrungrad Hospital first invited a JCI survey in 2002, no other Asian hospital had JCI accreditation. Now there are many, attesting to the importance of third party review." Read more

Medical tourism broker Jens Raun seeks financial lifeline for comparison website
The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 April 2014
"AIt’s high time the healthcare sector began to conduct itself with greater responsibility, including responsiveness to a competitive environment. Countries where competition is encouraged among providers generally have more efficient healthcare systems." Read more

The rise of medical tourism in the UAE
Gulf News, 28 April 2014
"According to medical travel website Patients Beyond Borders, Thailand is still the most popular destination for cosmetic surgery tourists followed closely by Malaysia, both offering services at half or even a third of developed country costs." Read more

Malaysia fast becoming a preferred value destination for medical tourism
Business Circle, 25 April 2014
"Patient Beyond Borders, which publishes medical tourism guidebooks of the same name, has already published a book on Malaysia in 2009. It is going to publish a second edition on Malaysia in September this year for international distribution. 'Singapore’s costs for out-of-pocket care have risen 30% to 45% over the past five years, flattening that country's rate of regional growth, particularly amongst price-sensitive Indonesian patients, driving Malaysia's inbound patient numbers to record highs," Read more

170 pounds lighter: Ben Lomond woman shares her story
Santa Cruz Sentinel, 21 April 2014
"The wake-up call for Sara Keenan came two years ago when she was hospitalized for pneumonia the day after her father's funeral. She had left her job as a paralegal working for the Santa Cruz County Superior Court after being deemed permanently disabled. Caring for her father who had Alzheimer's, she had gained 100 pounds after lap band surgery, living on ice cream and white chocolate mochas." Read more

The Flourishing Medical Tourism Business in America
HealthLeaders Media, 16 April 2014
"Yet as many hospital executives know, the United States is a leading destination for medical tourists—the third-most popular healthcare destination worldwide in 2012, with 800,000 international patients flying in to seek care, according to Patients Beyond Borders, an informational publisher for medical tourists." Read more

Are You Considering Retirement Abroad? What You Need to Know, 11 April 2014
"Woodman urges retirees to locate near a western-style hospital that has been accredited by the Joint Commission International, and preferably one built in the past ten to 15 years. 'The good news is, most Americans aren't retiring in the hinterlands—they're going to be within striking distance of a larger city, and chances are good that there will be an excellent facility within a couple hours of anywhere you'd want to retire.'" Read more

Florida Is Trying To Attract Foreign Patients Instead Of Extending Insurance To Its Own Residents
Think Progress, 19 March 2014
"Medical tourism usually brings to mind the hundreds of thousands of Americans — both insured and uninsured — who go to other countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Thailand, and Brazil to seek treatment because medical care in the United States can be prohibitively expensive. But according to Patients Beyond Borders, between 600,000 and 800,000 foreign patients came to the U.S. for health services in 2013 despite the relatively high costs of care here." Read more

Top destinations for health tourism
CNBC, 14 March 2014
"Medical tourism—where patients struggling to afford or find the right treatment at home head overseas—is booming, with many countries jostling to offer high-quality health care at a good price. In 2013, around 900,000 Americans traveled overseas for treatment, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a provider of medical travel information." Read more

Medical Tourism: Crossing Borders for Healthcare
Nursing School Hub, 12 March 2014
"Why do 8 million people worldwide cross borders for healthcare?" Read more

Bali Medical Tourism Wants To Join Asia Action on Medical Tourism Scene
Travelers Today, 11 March 2014
"Though prospects of the hospital prospering in on Bali medical tourism seems fair game, breaking into a regional industry that already has some of the world's top international hospitals will be tough, says Josef Woodman, CEO of U.S.-based medical travel consumer guide Patients Beyond Borders (PBB)." Read more

Thailand offers tourists chance to win a new face
CNN Travel, 5 March 2014
"Josef Woodman, CEO of U.S.-based medical travel consumer guide Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), tells CNN an estimated 920,000 to 1.2 million medical tourists came to Thailand in 2013, which represents around 10% of the worldwide patient flow for international medical travel." Read more

Malaysia aims to break into medical tourism market in big way
New Straits Times, 2 March 2014
"Malaysia, for example, is eyeing the medical tourism sector which is inherent with considerable revenue-generating potential as patients in developed western countries, particularly in the United States, are looking for good quality but low-cost sites which offer not only medical services but also have attractive tourism attributes." Read more

Indian Healthcare Services
JP Morgan, March 2014
"India is gradually emerging as a destination for elective and critical treatment with growth of 25% in medical tourism over the medium term given quality healthcare services, specialized treatment options, post-care quality and cost saving vs. developed countries. Assocham expects the healthcare tourism market to touch ~Rs120bn by 2015 as inflow of medial tourist increases." Read more

Club Med
Mentor, March 2014
"Still, for those who have researched and planned carefully, a dental vacation can yield positive outcomes, as Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based author Josef Woodman notes. Woodman recalls being surprised and a bit mystified a decade ago when his aging father announced he was headed to palmy Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a mouthful of new teeth." Read more

What is the Future of Medical Tourism?
CCTV America, 27 February 2014
"CCTV's Mike Walters interviews Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, on the future of medical tourism." Watch now

The Dream of Moving Abroad in Later Life, With Good Health Care
The New York Times, 21 February 2014
"Josef D. Woodman, author of 'Patients Beyond Borders,' a book that guides people on finding affordable health care outside of the United States, said that a few countries allow retirees who have established residency to participate in their national health plans. But gaining access to these plans can entail the use of public hospitals and lengthy waits for non-emergency services, he said." Read more

Médecine avec frontières
The Economist, 15 February 2014
"Patients Beyond Borders estimates that as many as 12m people globally now travel for care, perhaps 1m of them Americans. " Read more

En el turismo de salud en México, hospitales ligados a firmas de EU
Vanguaria, 10 February 2014
"México, DF. Grandes hospitales asociados a corporativos de Estados Unidos, pero también pequeñas clínicas familiares fundadas por médicos de allá, concentran la industria del turismo de salud en México, detalla Patients Beyond Borders (PBB) o Pacientes sin fronteras, considerada la guía de investigación más completa sobre el tema, ya que ha analizado 200 centros médicos de 35 naciones por la calidad de sus servicios, lo que los pacientes se ahorran y la infraestructura tanto hospitalaria como turística de cada país." Read more

Editorial: Medical tourism
The Financial Express, 9 February 2014
"The total addressable global health tourism market, according to the Apollo Group chairman Prathap Reddy, is around $150 billion, yet India gets barely a billion or so. As per data from Patients Beyond Borders, a guidebook for medical tourism, India got just 3.5 lakh medical tourists in 2012 as compared to 6.1 lakh in Singapore and 1.2 million in Thailand." Read more

Medical Tourism Continues to Flourish as U.S. Patients Seek Lower Cost Healthcare in Overseas Countries
Dark Daily, 7 February 2014
Medical Tourism Continues to Flourish as U.S. Patients Seek Lower Cost Healthcare in Overseas Countries
"'And the best international in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics have proven success rates that equal or exceed the averages achieved in the U.S., U.K., and Europe,' according to a blog post publishd by Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), a resource for medical travelers. This blog cited, for example, the Barbados Fertility Centre, which is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Israel, as examples of facilities that offer IVF services with success rates similar to U.S. and Western European facilities." Read more

Paying Less for the Best
Delta Sky Magazine, February 2014
Patients Beyond Borders' latest comparative costs for medical procedures abroad are published in February's Delta Sky Magazine. Read more

Some with Alzheimer's find care in far-off nations
AP, 14 January 2014
"Spouses and relatives in Western nations are increasingly confronting Kuratli's dilemma as the number of Alzheimer's patients and costs rise, and the supply of qualified nurses and facilities struggles to keep up. Faraway countries are offering cheaper, and to some minds better, care for those suffering from the irreversible loss of memory." Read more

Medical tourism on the rise despite warnings
The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 January 2014
"No official statistics are available on the number of Australians leaving the country for surgery, but Patients Beyond Borders, which publishes guides for such tourists, estimates that globally about 8 million patients go overseas for medical care—and that figure is growing about 15 to 25 per cent a year." Read more

Patients Beyond Borders CEO Interviewed on Financial Safari
Financial Safari, 11 January 2014
The Financial Safari's Peter D'Arruda interviews Patients Beyond Borders CEO, Josef Woodman, for his weekly radio show. Listen

Taking an I.V.F. Journey to Israel
The New York Times, 6 January 2014
"A number of countries around the world provide fertility treatments at a lower cost than the United States, ranging from $2,600 to $6,000 in places such as Brazil, Spain, Russia, South Africa and Israel.'The best international I.V.F. clinics have proven success rates that equal or exceed the averages achieved in the U.S., U.K., and Europe,' according to Patients Beyond Borders, a resource for medical tourism." Read more

Profiting from Health Care Tourism
Investing Daily, 6 January 2014
"Patients Beyond Borders, an organization that provides information about medical tourism, estimates that patients from most developed countries can save between 25 percent and 40 percent by seeking care in Brazil, 40 percent and 65 percent in Mexico and as much as 70 percent by traveling to Thailand." Read more

Some With Alzheimer's Find Care in Far-Off Nations
The New York Times, 29 December 2013
"Their homeland treats the elderly as well as any nation on Earth, but Ulrich Kuratli says the care here in northern Thailand is not only less expensive but more personal. In Switzerland, 'You have a cold, old lady who gives you pills and tells you to go to bed,' he says." Read more

Tips For Overseas Surgery
Outside Magazine, 14 November 2013
"Headed around the world for some cheaper medical care? Follow these rules." Read more

Using a passport to cut the costs of surgery
MarketWatch, 13 November 2013
"The savings on medical procedures can be considerable, ranging from 25% to as much as 90%, depending on the procedure and location. In one example, Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, said that a patient needing extensive dental work who was quoted $60,000 for a mouthful of new teeth in the U.S. was charged $17,000 for the same work in Costa Rica." Read more

Seeking Cure Abroad Growing Number of Ethiopians Look for Medical Solutions in Foreign Lands
Ethiopian Business Review, 13 November 2013
"In Ethiopia, there is only one qualified doctor for every 35,000 people and until now, there is no medical center accredited for the international standard." Read more

More and more vacationers becoming 'well' traveled
New York Post, 12 November 2013
"As for notable wellness-focused destinations, 'Thailand is a hotspot right now,' says author and medical travel expert Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders. 'Thailand is a huge center for spas, obviously, and wellness is already built into its culture. It’s a slam dunk, organically blending wellness and medicine.'" Read more

Some Brits Find A Way To Make Cosmetic Surgery Part Of Their Vacation
Huff Post Travel, 8 November 2013
"Make sure you're in the hands of the best possible physician. 'If you're going for a heart bypass,' says Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, 'you want to know that particular doctor's done 300 of them instead of 20 and that that procedure has a 98.2 percent success rate,' roughly comparable to the rate in the States." Read more

Debunking the 'myths' of global medical tourism
MNT, 6 November 2013
"Patients Beyond Borders, which claims to be 'the world's most trusted source of consumer information about international medical and health travel,' estimates there are 8 million cross-border patients worldwide, spending on average between $3,000 to $5,000." Read more

Dental Tourism: Traveling to Another Country Could Save 70 Percent
Travelers Today, 6 November 2013
"Visiting a dentist in another country could save travelers over 70 percent on major dental procedures such as crowns and root canals, according to data from Patients Beyond Borders, a medical publisher. This type of procedure can be very expensive in the United States, even for those with dental insurance." Read more

Give Me Your Balding, Your Budget-Minded
Vocativ, 5 November 2013
"Josef Woodman, CEO of the medical tourism consumer resource Patients Beyond Borders, says if hospitals really want to attract English speakers in droves, however, they should be more language-friendly. 'They've got all these JCI sites,' he says, referring to the dozens of hospitals accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International. 'But half aren't in English.'" Read more

Dental tourism could save you big money, 1 November 2013
"We estimate that in 2012, 400,000 Americans crossed international borders for dental care. For 2013, we project a growth rate of approximately 20 percent," says Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Lincoln man turns to Nepal for health care solution
Lincoln Journal Star, 27 Oct 2013
"After more than a year of research, Carlson joined the ranks of medical tourists who travel overseas for less-expensive medical care. The result was a vacation in China and Nepal, followed by orthopedic surgery in Kathmandu, Nepal. The cost for both vacations, 70 days abroad, and health care was less than $9,000—several thousand dollars less than surgery alone would have cost in a Lincoln hospital or surgery center." Read More

Counterfeit Stem Cell Treatments Sold To Vulnerable Patients Willing To Try Experimental, Possibly Dangerous Therapies
Medical Daily, 10 September 2013
"In a 2010 paper published in Cytotherapy, researchers estimated that 750,000 Americans traveled for medical tourism in 2007; they projected this number to increase to 1.6 million patients by 2010. Patients Beyond Borders posts a more conservative estimate on its website, calculating some 900,000 Americans willing to travel outside the U.S. for medical care during 2013." Read more

Medical tourism expanding
Pattaya Mail, 23 August 2013
"Medical tourism is a $40 billion market that’s expanding 25 percent a year, according to the guidebook Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Traveling Abroad for Healthcare
CCTV America, 22 August 2013
Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, talks to anchor Michelle Makori of CCTV America about why more and more patients are seeking treatment abroad, and how to be best informed. Watch now

Tourists flocking here for sun, sea, and a bit of nip/tuck
The Malay Mail Online, 19 August 2013
"'Chinese, Australians, Middle Easterners, Singaporeans, Europeans, North Americans come for the mix of quality and value,' said Woodman. 'Malaysia remains one of the top value medical travel destinations, with savings of up to 80 per cent, and cultural compatibility,' he added." Read more

Asia Weekly: Ticket to health
China Daily, 16 August 2013
"Of the 11 top medical destinations in the world cited by Patients Beyond Borders, six are in Asia: India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand." Read more

Immigration News: Medical Tourism Affected by Strict Visa Rules
Live Punjab, 16 August 2013
"Woodman enlightens: 'India has been fairly neglectful of this industry. It makes a lot of sense and Indian hospitals like Apollo and Fortis are well-positioned to seek a foothold in parts of the world where people have no access to quality care.'" Read more

Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 Costs $106,385 in US, 14 August 2013
"The lower cost is the result of one Indian heart surgeon’s quest to make health care more affordable for India’s population, where two-thirds live on less than $2 a day and most pay for health care entirely out of pocket." Read more

Cayman to Singapore Gain as Rules Stump Clinics: Corporate India
Bloomberg News, 14 August 2013
"According to Patients Beyond Borders, which specializes in medical tourism, if your total quote for US medical treatment is $6,000 or more,you'll probably save money by traveling abroad for your care." Read more

Save Money by Getting Medical Procedures Overseas?
Fox Business, 8 August 2013
Gerri Willis from the The Willis Report interviews author Josef Woodman on the potential savings of getting medical procedures done outside the US. Watch now

Saturday fundraiser for Dawni's Smile Project; dental treatment in Mexico cost $27,000
Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12 July 2013
"Dawni Pappas, 49, loves her job. She's worked on-call for 10 years at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, overseeing security, ushers and volunteers for special events such as concerts by Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt. But the part-time position with the city of Santa Cruz does not come with dental insurance." Read more

Texas women who go to Mexico for cheap plastic surgery say they returned disfigured and near death
New York Daily News, 10 July 2013
"The group's website lists and recommends accredited medical facilities around the world that have met strict international standards. Of them there is in Tijuana, and it's called one of Mexico's most respected. It is not the Jerusalem Hospital." Read more

Medical tourism: Latin America is a prime destination
Inside Costa Rica, 10 July 2013
"An IPK International survey revealed roughly 3 percent of the world’s population travels to foreign countries for medical treatment, while Patients Beyond Borders, which publishes international medical travel guidebooks, reported the medical tourism industry is a $40 billion a year business." Read more

Women share cautionary tale of having surgery in Mexico, 8 July 2013
"A group called Patients Beyond Borders estimates that last year anywhere from 200,000 to more than a million people traveled to Mexico to have procedures done. Patients Beyond Borders said people should look for a clinic's seal which will prove whether or not the facility has met strict international medical standards." Read more

Need treatment, will travel (to Portland)
Portland Tribune, 4 July 2013
"Woodman says international travel that combines wellness with tourism also is on the rise, with so-called wellness hotels trying to bridge the gap between traditional spas and alternative medical care for travelers." Read more

International medical tourism industry pegged $40 billion a year
The Economic Times, 27 June 2013
"That's fueling an industry worth as much as $40 billion, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a publisher of international medical travel guidebooks." Read more

Top Travel Destinations for Medical Tourism
Bloomberg, 25 June 2013
"About 7 million people travel abroad each year seeking everything from dental work to weight-loss surgery to cancer treatment. That's fueling an industry worth as much as $40 billion, according to Patients Beyond Borders...." Read more

What can US healthcare innovators learn from medical tourism inside and outside its borders?
MEDCITY News, 25 June 2013
"Medical tourism is booming. It's a $40 billion global industry, according to data from Patients Beyond Borders." Read more

Medical tourism grows rapidly with mounting ethical and legal concerns
MEDILL, 14 June 2013
"A few years ago when Chicago area resident Natalia Bonfante Ginez wanted a gastric sleeve operation – the removal of part of the stomach to facilitate weight loss – she was told that she wasn’t qualified." Read more

Low-Cost, High-Quality Health Care: Not Made in the USA?
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Culture of Health, 13 June 2013
"The US consultancy Patients Beyond Borders estimates that some 750,000 Americans will travel overseas for medical treatments this year in search of lower-cost care ... How much better would it be if such low-cost, high quality care could be obtained here at home?" Read more

How to Find a Reliable Dentist in Costa Rica?
The Costa Rican Times, 9 June 2013
"Global recession and expensive medical and dental care in well developed countries gave birth to medical and dental tourism in Latin America where Costa Rica has become one of the leading nations to provide quality medical and dental services at affordable rates." Read more

Am Patient—Will Travel
Cancer Fighters Thrive, Summer 2013
"Medical tourism creates opportunities for patients at home and abroad." Read more

Medical Korea 2013
Arirang, 9 April 2013
Arirang's Prime Time News program reports on Medical Korea 2013. Watch now

International Collaboration in Global Healthcare
tbs eFM This Morning, 9 Apr 2013
Woodman discusses growth in Korea's medical travel industry with This Morning host, Alex Jensen. Listen

The Rise of Medical Tourism
South China Morning Post, 8 Apr 2013
"As private health care costs escalate in Hong Kong amid long waits for treatment at public facilities, more people are pursuing cross-border options for a range of procedures. Most are drawn to nearby countries that can offer equivalent treatment at a fraction of the cost here. Others go abroad to circumvent Hong Kong's strict rules on certain procedures." Read more

Survey Sees Robust Growth for Medical Tourism
Travel Market Report, 4 Apr 2013
"But Woodman, who frequently travels overseas to medical tourism destinations, said many of the medical tourism providers may not be delivering the customer service they claim, particularly when it comes to responding to patient inquiries." Read more

Medical tourism: A global stampede for affordable care
CNN, 23 Mar 2013
"As health costs skyrocket, Western travelers are getting comfortable with "foreign doctors" and much cheaper procedures." Read more

Philippines Joins Medical Tourism Parade
Asia Sentinel, 13 Mar 2013
"The competition for health dollars is keen. Given the cost of health care in the advanced countries, more than 50 countries across the planet have identified various forms of health tourism as a national industry, unfortunately with widely varying standards of accreditation and health quality." Read more

Malaysia: Once a Hidden Jewel, now a recognized Health Haven...
Scientific American, Mar 2013
"For many years, Malaysia was one of Southeast Asia's best kept secrets: a warm, welcoming and beautiful location that also offered some of the best healthcare and wellness options for international tourists 'in the know.'" Read more

Inaugural Global Wellness Tourism Congress Announced
Global Spa & Wellness Summit Blog, 28 Feb 2013
"Throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America, the wellness traveler is driving new paradigms for both healthcare and tourism. We're seeing rapid change and big opportunity, as stakeholders seek to capture market share in the evolving wellness tourism category." Read more

Obamacare may put end to doctor-patient relationship
Sun Sentinel, 26 Feb 2013
"... Americans determined to receive personalized care aren't without options. In addition to concierge practices, another tactic growing in popularity is medical tourism—traveling abroad for treatments and procedures, often at more affordable prices." Read more

Medical Tourism: A Free Market Alternative to ObamaCare, 24 Feb 2013
"In assessing the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care reform on medical tourism, Josef Woodman of the Huffington Post [Patients Beyond Borders] discussed the possibility of a decrease in medical tourism in the short term, but a return to growth in the long term." Read more

Medical Tourism: A Free Market Alternative to ObamaCare
The Objective Standard, 18 Feb 2013
"Costa Rica enjoyed a $196 million influx from medical tourism in 2012, Singapore will realize a $4.3 billion gain this year, and India will see a $2.3 billion increase in 2013." Read more

Can Medical Tourism Save Us From Obamacare?, 29 Jan 2013
"The rise of first-rate hospitals abroad may provide a vital lifeline for Americans." Watch segment

Op-Ed: Medical Tourism in the Caribbean
Caribbean Journal, 15 Jan 2013
"The Caribbean could capitalize on this burgeoning industry and familiar relationship between the US medical industry and the Caribbean, as medical tourism becomes a reputable alternative to the already high and continually rising costs of American healthcare." Read more

Hospital Holiday
HuffPost Live, 14 Jan 2013
Josef Woodman joins HuffPost Live in "Hospital Holiday," a segment on new trends and cautions for the medical traveler. Watch segment

Wah! Thai
Manorama's The Week, 9 Jan 2013
"Hospitals everywhere in the world are known for the same things—white walls, a peculiar smell and diseases. So when you are welcomed in a hospital with a smile, taken to the spacious waiting area with comfortable sofas and hear a live piano performance, you do a double take. Welcome to Thailand, a leading medical tourism destination." Read More

10 Top Health Care Destinations for 2012
HuffPost, 4 Jan 2013
"As US healthcare costs continue to rise and the options for quality care overseas become more widely understood, I'm often asked—by the media, in conferences and lectures, by friends and acquaintances—'Where's the best place in the world to go for medical care?'" Read More

Josef Woodman Reports from the International Malaysia Healthcare Travel Conference and Exhibition
Medical Travel Today, 2 Jan 2013
"Those in our industry who were not able to attend the International Malaysia Healthcare Travel Conference and Exhibition (MIHTE) in November missed one of the year's best industry events. Several colleagues commented favorably, admitting to pleasant surprise that a regional conference could come off with such a robust flair." Read More

2012: Year of Milestones in Medical Travel
Travel Market Report, 27 Dec 2012
"From Ohio to Malaysia, the number of internationally accredited healthcare facilities targeting medical travelers is skyrocketing. Asia is a particular hot spot for development of outstanding medical and wellness facilities, largely because of demand from a rising middle class in the region, according to Josef Woodman, publisher of the medical travel guides Patients Beyond Borders." Read More

Toward Opening a Practical Dialogue on Improving US Healthcare
HuffPost Politics, 14 Dec 2012
"While much of the health care 'GDP gap' between the US and other nations can be attributed to cost of living, it's undeniable there's plenty of room for reimagining our approach to healthcare, not simply in terms of reform, but in market-driven innovation that reflects achievements in other corners of the world." Read More

Keep an Eye on Asia, Med Travel Expert Advises
Travel Market Report, 10 Dec 2012
Woodman shared insights gleaned from his recent travels, as well as his observations on medical tourism trends closer to home. Read More

The List—5 health apps for travelers, 2 Dec 2012
Patients Beyond Borders' TravelEmergency® mobile app makes Boston Globe's list of top 5 health apps for travelers.
Read More

Medical Tourism: 1 In 3 Open To Traveling For Treatments, Poll Finds
HuffPost Healthy Living, 13 Nov 2012
"Nearly a third of people surveyed around the world say they are open to the idea of medical tourism - traveling abroad to enjoy cheaper medical or dental treatment, according to a new Ipsos poll of 18,731 adults in 24 countries." Read More

Tourism for Treatment
Scientific American, Nov 2012
Patients Beyond Borders contributes to Scientific American’s "Annual Worldview Scorecard," comparing cost savings for medical procedures in nine healthcare travel destinations. Read More

Medical tourism: East coast conference offers glimpse of challenges Naples faces
Naples News, 29 Oct 2012
"Josef Woodman, president of Patients Beyond Borders, a Chapel Hill, NC-based consumer resource group for international medical care, acknowledges marketers with international hospitals say their medical care is high quality at the best prices." Read More

PR taps medical-tourism market boom
Caribbean Business, 10 Oct 2012
"Puerto Rico is considered one of the four 'destinations starting to get attention' in the segment, according to leading industry organization Patients Beyond Borders." Read More

What Obama's Affordable Care Act means for the world's hospitals
GlobalPost, 3 Oct 2012
"Sitting in blue scrubs in a hospital room, plastic surgeon Christian Rivera ponders a potential sea change for this Central American country’s private hospitals, triggered by health care reform in the United States." Read More

Health Cheque
meetme, Oct 2012
"Luxury cosmetic surgery is a significant draw.... The UAE is also becoming known for its complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services. Dubai Healthcare City is currently home to 12 CAM medical centres..." Read More

Bypassing Your Local Doctor: A Look at Medical Tourism in 2012 and Beyond
MSN, 27 Sept 2012
"As the Democrats and Republicans continue to bicker about health care, more US patients are tuning out and getting out, hopping planes to countries where the care is more affordable and, arguably, better." Read More

Outsourcing Healthcare
Huffpost Live, 25 Sept 2012
"48.6 million live without health insurance in the US. In a country where 60% of people skip doctor appointments due to costs, is the future of US healthcare abroad." Read More

Brasil desponta como opção para turista-paciente do exterior
Terra, 13 Sept 2012
"O turismo médico no Brasil é mercado certamente promissor, mas ainda incipiente se compararmos com outros países receptores de pacientes." Read More

Local firm taps dental travel
The Detroit News, 24 Aug 2012
"When Richard Dziurda found out five years ago that he needed thousands of dollars in dental work, he wasn't sure he could afford the procedures or even follow through with his dentist's advice." Read More

Medical travel can be lucrative, but fraught with complexity
Travel Weekly, 22 Aug 2012
"The package for a client traveling overseas for medical purposes could include meet-and-greet services on the jetway, a hospital staff that handles the baggage, even massages in a hospital room large enough to accommodate sleepover relatives. These are just examples of what might be offered by a hospital, not a travel company."
Read More

Medical tourism on the rise, 22 Aug 2012
"Patients Beyond Borders estimates that more than half a million residents of the United States traveled outside the country for medical care in 2011, spending an average of $3,000 per procedure. The market remains a small aspect of health care but is estimated to grow at an average of 25 percent to 35 percent a year." Read More

Travel Health Apps Aim to Keep Travelers Healthy While Abroad
BetaKit, 18 Aug 2012
"TravelEmergency is an iPhone app by Patients Beyond Borders. It’s designed to help those who may find themselves in a health crisis while they are traveling, and allows users to search a database of local emergency numbers and access directions to the nearest English-speaking hospital." Read More

There's untapped opportunity for travel agents in medical tourism
Travel Weekly, 14 Aug 2012
"Imagine a travel market that is worth tens of billions of dollars. The travelers fly all over the world, often in pairs. In addition, some of the trips are paid for by the travelers' employers, which can translate into business-class air tickets and high-end hotels. But regardless of who is footing the bill, these travelers are unlikely to book their trips on a computer." Read More

Middle East inbound medical tourism grows, 8 Aug 2012
"The GCC healthcare market is on track to grow 11.4% annually to $44bn until 2015, with specialised healthcare cities and other major hospital projects are springing up in the region, paving the way for medical tourists." Read More

Tooth and Consequences: Fla. Woman Faces Medical Tourism Nightmare
Daily Finance, 2 Aug 2012
"Medical tourism is nothing new: For years, media outlets, including this one, have been reporting on the benefits of going to other countries for expensive medical procedures." Read More

Healthcare Reform Unlikely to Slow Medical Travel Growth, Experts Say
Travel Market Report, 9 July 2012
"The answer is yes, no, and neutral...Those who are currently uninsured—a huge component of medical travel—will gain access to covered healthcare. Some may be able to stay in the US for an orthopedic procedure that they were previously not insured for. Some of this will take away from medical travel. On the other hand, you can't have 30 million Americans (the currently uninsured who are expected to gain coverage) entering our already broken system without a tradeoff in the form of longer waits for specialty care." Read More

Bali wants in on the medical tourism action
CNNGo, 5 July 2012
"'As a newcomer, Bali faces stiff competition from nearby international healthcare providers [e.g. the Singapore hospital system, including Parkway], value healthcare in Kuala Lumpur, the very established medical tourism destinations in Bangkok and to a lesser extent, JCI-accredited facilities in and near Manila,' [Woodman] says." Read More

World Class Healthcare
Delta Sky, July 2012
Thousands of Americans travel abroad each year for medical procedures. With a nod to this growing trend, Delta Sky highlights a few healthcare destinations worth the trip along with tips for safe travel. Read More

Medical Tourism: Why More Boomers Are Going Abroad For Treatment
HuffPost, 4 June 2012
"'Our population is continuing to age into financially challenging procedures,' Woodman said. 'Every month the insurance companies find a way to take benefits off the table. Each month there is a slightly bigger piece of the population pie that is going to find the cost savings very attractive.'" Read More

South of the Border Surgery: Medical Tourism Market Grows for Cost Conscious Americans
Consumer Media Network, 10 May 2012
"According to Patients Beyond Borders, a consumer information resource about international medical and health travel, medical tourism is an expanding market that sees an average of 25-30% growth each year. In 2011, the organization estimated that the market was about $15 billion with about 5 million patients worldwide. Josef Woodman, Patients Beyond Borders CEO, estimates that in 2012, about 600,000 Americans will travel for healthcare outside the United States." Read More

Drug-Defying Germs From India Speed Post-Antibiotic Era
Bloomberg, 7 May 2012
"At the same time, it [India] is trying to preserve the country’s health-tourism industry. Bristling that foreigners coined a name that singles out their capital to describe an emerging health nightmare, officials say the world is picking on India for troubles that impede all developing nations." Read More

Global remedy to a local affliction
The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 May 2012
"The health travel consumer organization Patients Beyond Borders said about 5 million patients a year become medical tourists, spending an average $US3000 per surgery and thousands more on airfares and accommodation." Read More

Dr. Ayesha Abdullah and Josef Woodman on Dubai Healthcare City
Emirates 24/7, 3 May 2012
Dr. Ayesha Abdullah, Managing Director for Dubai Healthcare City, and Josef Woodman discuss the rise of Dubai Healthcare City as a medical tourism destination. The interview begins at 8:16. Watch Interview

UAE Medical Tourism
City 7TV, 2 May 2012
Josef Woodman discusses the evolution of Dubai as a preferred medical hub in the Middle East. Watch Interview

Healthcare City targets global medical hub status, 2 May 2012
"Dubai Healthcare City is attempting to stem the flow of people going abroad for treatment and position itself as the medical hub for international and regional patients." Read More

Josef Woodman on Medical Tourism in Dubai
Emirates News, 1 May 2012
Emirates News anchor, Greg Fairlie, and Josef Woodman discuss Dubai as a new global healthcare destination for the region. The interview begins at 8:26. Watch Interview

Monterrey Ciudad de la Salud
OCV Monterrey, 13 March 2012
"Josef Woodman, Autor del libro Patients Beyond Borders comenta sobre su experiencia en la ciudad y su impresión sobre los avances en área medica en Monterrey." Read More

Online Resource Will Help Agents Create Healthcare Travel Packages
Travel Market Report, 1 March 2012
"Centralized information on global healthcare packages that travel agents can customize for clients will soon be launched by a new alliance between medical travel guide Patients Beyond Borders and online global physician directory Medeguide." Read More

3 Reasons to Consider Medical Tourism
US News & World Report, 28 February 2012
"The underlying conditions needed to support medical tourism are largely being met, experts say. The quality and depth of foreign medical facilities has continued to improve. Costs are still a bargain for many procedures, and medical tourism travel brokers have become better at putting together the packages needed for a successful experience." Read More

Medical tourism in the UAE experiences growing pains
The National, 18 February 2012
"While providers of private health care are gearing up to promote the country as a hub for medical tourism, health experts warn the efforts may be premature." Read More

Megaproyecto de salud en Nuevo León
El Economista, 17 February 2012
Monterrey's Economist covers the rise of medical tourism, launch of Patients Beyond Borders Monterrey Edition and the opening of two new high-profile hospitals. Read More

Alliance Aims for One-Stop Med Travel Shop
Travel Market Report, 9 February 2012
"Providing a 'one-stop shop for international healthcare consumers in search of safe, affordable medical care' is the objective of a new alliance between medical travel guide Patients Beyond Borders and online global physician directory Medeguide." Read More

Spotlight: Patients Beyond Borders and Medeguide Form Strategic Alliance
Medical Travel Today, 8 February 2012
Josef Woodman and Medeguide co-founder Ruben Toral shed light on their recent strategic alliance. Read More

Passport to Health
Delta Sky, February 2012
"'Everyone is looking for cost savings,' says Woodman. 'And surgeries are natural targets because they're high-ticket items.'" Read More

Medical Tourism: Closing the International Healthcare Gap
AARP International's The Journal, 2012
We are honored to have been invited to pen the first article on medical tourism for the prestigious AARP International's The Journal, distributed worldwide to high-level government and policy personnel. In this article, Woodman introduces medical travel as a vital component to global healthcare and explains its impact on the international medical community. Read More

Operacja Bangkok
Forbes Poland, February 2012
"Od wybielania zębów przez zmianę płci po operacje na otwartym sercu. W ubiegłym roku ponad 1,5 miliona turystów odwiedziło Tajlandię, by wydać w sumie 2,15 mld dol. na usługi medyczne. Tak powstawał światowy lider w tej branży" Read More

Patients Beyond Borders and Medeguide form alliance
International Medical Travel Journal, 23 January 2012
"Patients Beyond Borders, a source of consumer and industry information about international health travel, and Medeguide, an online international doctor directory, have formed an alliance to provide patients with search tools for global healthcare options, and to provide hospitals and health travel third parties with a unique offering of branding and marketing tools for the international patient." Read More

Southeast Asia Globe, 13 January 2012
"Private hospitals are capitalising on strained Western health services and rising Asian incomes." Read More

Trends in Medical Tourism
Peter Greenberg Worldwide, 7 January 2012
Peter Greenberg and Joe Woodman discuss the latest trends in medical tourism, including top destinations and the rising numbers of patients seeking healthcare abroad. Read More

Medical Travel Is Poised to Gain Momentum in 2012
Travel Market Report, 5 January 2012
"Will 2012 be the year that medical travel takes off? With PepsiCo’s announcement last month that it will cover certain medical travel costs for its 250,000 domestic employees, medical travel experts say it could well be." Read More

Trends for 2012
Dentistry IQ, 5 January 2012
"Globalization of medical and dental care and practice will become a progressively more prevailing way to meet these needs. Medical tourism has always been a niche option for a fortunate or not-so-fortunate few. It seems to be for more daring types; however, it is becoming a typical option for anyone with a passport." Read More

Flying patients—Global
Monocle, January 2012
"Consumers are increasingly looking beyond their native borders for low-cost, quality healthcare – and if there’s a safari thrown into the package, all the better. Monocle looks at the global hotspots attracting patients wanting anything from hi-tech surgery to a facelift." Read More

Health Care Bargains Abroad
Kiplinger, January 2012
"Bruce Pearson owns a nursery, raising orchids and other lush flora in Boynton Beach, Fla. But it was painful sciatica that made his back as delicate as a hothouse flower. While leading an eco-tour in Thailand a few years ago, Pearson experienced back pain so severe that it put him in a local hospital. The treatment he received converted him into an enthusiastic medical tourist." Read More

Visite nuestras playas... y nuestras ¡clínicas!
Capital, January 2012
"Los viajes por motivos de salud suponen una lucrativa industria que mueve miles de millones. Desde Israel hasta estados unidos, pasando por India, medio centenar de países pelean para lograr su trozo de este jugoso pastel." Read More

Money Power: Be careful with foreign medical trip
Tulsa World, 31 December 2011
"If you're considering medical travel, your first stop should be the book Patients Beyond Borders by Josef Woodman, a comprehensive guide to medical travel with information about the best international hospitals and clinics." Read More

Spending: Save on health care abroad
Chicago Tribune, 30 December 2011
"This year, more than a half-million US residents will get medical care abroad, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a consumer advisory service. That number is likely to grow at a 25 percent to 35 percent annual rate." Read More

More People Heading Overseas to Receive Medical Treatment
Fox Business News, 2 December 2011
Fox Business's Cheryl Casone interviews Patients Beyond Borders founder, Josef Woodman, about opportunities to save on costly medical procedures by heading overseas. Read More

Medical Travel a Hot Topic at AARP Conference
Travel Market Report, 13 October 2011
"Medical travel as an option to control the cost of healthcare is getting noticed by AARP members." Read More

More Americans going abroad for medical treatment to save money
Daily News, 11 October 2011
"At the same time, the view of medical standards in exotic locales in South and Central America and Asia has improved dramatically—and for good reason. Over the past decade, more than 400 organizations in 39 countries have been accredited by the Joint Commission International, which is affiliated with the same body that accredits US hospitals." Read More

Top 5 Alternatives to Traditional Health Insurance
HealthNews, 7 October 2011
"For the underinsured and uninsured, medical tourism provides choices in quality medical care at more affordable prices than they can get in the United States. Even with travel expenses included, patients still come out well ahead in out-of-pocket expenses, as procedures are 30 to 90 percent cheaper abroad (varies by country and procedure)." Read More

Stay Healthy, Save Money: 5 Ways You Can Take Charge of Your Healthcare Costs
Huffington Post, 30 September 2011
"During my travels over the past five years, I have met hundreds of patients in dozens of hospitals, and I've repeatedly observed that proactive patients tend to be rewarded with satisfactory, affordable solutions and successful outcomes, while those who settle for the status quo get what's meted out to them." Read More

Hey, We're Number ... Uh ... 36!
Truth Out, 27 September 2011
"As we wrestle with the increasingly expensive burden of health care, why does such a large segment of the American population ignore or spurn the example of countries that provide their citizens better care at a lower price?" Read More

Top Ten Medical Procedures You Can Do Abroad, 26 September 2011
"Half of travel planning is looking for the right deal. We seek out affordable airfare, car rentals, accommodations, even entertainment. Why not also 'shop' for value with your healthcare? Josef Woodman, author of Patients Beyond Borders and healthcare advocate, argues it’s high time to choose to go abroad for some of your medical needs." Read More

Good News: Your Medical Options Now Include Latin America
AARP Blog, 29 September 2011
"Today, as guest blogger, we have one of our speakers for AARP’s upcoming Life@50. Josef Woodman is the author of Patients Beyond Borders, the bestselling consumer reference for international health travel, and is a leading advocate of affordable, high-quality medical care for healthcare consumers worldwide. Read below to get his take on why traveling to Latin America for health treatments may make sense for some patients." Read More

Medical Tourism: A New (and Affordable) Force in Health Care
HealthNews, 15 September 2011
"Also of concern to many are the standards of the facilities. According to Patients Beyond Borders, the governments of countries such as India and Thailand have poured billions of dollars into improving their healthcare systems. In their zest to cater to medical tourists, they offer VIP waiting lounges, deluxe hospital accommodations, and medically staffed recuperation 'resorts.'" Read More

Medical tourism: A faraway health fix
Chicago Tribune, 3 August 2011
"In the meantime, other trends have emerged. A rise in quality surgical care in Latin America and Mexico — JCI accredited several hospitals in Mexico in the last three years — has given Americans the option to take short trips for cardiac, orthopedic and other highly invasive surgeries that used to be the purview of majestic medical centers in Thailand or India, Woodman said." Read More

Medical tourism: Is Now the Time to Offer This Benefit?
Benefits Magazine, July 2011
"Medical tourism—seeking medical services abroad—may make sense as an employee benefit. Some procedures are significantly less costly abroad, and many foreign facilities offer topnotch, safe medical care. Medical tourism facilitators can offer guidance." Read More

Health Costs in Singapore
The Diplomat, 23 June 2011
"The patient died of cancer, and Brunei later complained about the costs of her bill and won support from Patients Beyond Borders, which is calling for increased oversight amid tarnished reputations at all levels." Read More

Brunei Royalty’s $20 Million Bill May Thwart Singapore’s Medical Ambitions
Bloomberg, 19 June 2011
“Reputations are tarnished at all levels” with such scandals, said Josef Woodman, who spent more than five years researching medical tourism and is the author of Patients Beyond Borders, a guide to finding offshore medical treatment. “This underscores the need for improved oversight and regulations that would help to prevent abuses.” Read More

Medical tourism wins fans
Reuters, 15 June 2011
"The savings can be significant. Angioplasty that can cost up to $43,000 in the U.S. costs $4,700 in India, or $7,300 in Malaysia, according to data compiled by And in terms of amenities, hospitals like the famed Bumrungrad in Bangkok put their cash-strapped American counterparts to shame. Touches like marble floors, gourmet food, and “Royal Suites,” more reminiscent of a resort than a hospital." Read More

Medical Tourism Map: Where Patients Go to Save, 7 June 2011
"As out-of-pockets costs for medical treatment climb in the US, more and more overseas health providers are catering to American patients who seek to save money on their procedures." Read More

Hungary, Turkey, Oklahoma See Gains in Medical Travel
Travel Market Report, 19 May 2011
"'Healthcare is flourishing throughout Latin America,' Woodman said... 'This is good news for the short-haul US and Canadian traveler, as well as expats and citizens in the region.'" Read More

High-tech and low prices attract medical tourists
The Wall Street Journal, 17 May 2011
"Turkey has a robust healthcare system and hospitals... It should make Westerners—or anyone considering medical tourism—put Turkey on a short list of preferred destinations." Read More

The Milken Institute Review, Second Quarter 2011
"Is medical tourism ready for prime time? Absolutely. Will it affect the price or quality of US health care? Not anytime soon." Read More

Market is Ripe for Short-Haul Medical Travel
Travel Market Report, 18 April 2011
"Travel agents should 'take a good long look' at specializing in growing short-haul markets in the Southwest and Southeast for medical travel to Mexico and Central America." Read More

Taiwan taps China for lucrative medical tourism market
BBC News, 31 March 2011
"The middle class in China is growing far more rapidly then the Chinese healthcare system can keep up with," says Woodman. Read More

Nip & Tuck: medical tourism on the rise
ABC, 18 March 2011
Patients Beyond Borders speaks out on the savings and benefits of traveling to Monterrey, Mexico for medical care. Read More

Malaysia's healthcare value and quality go hand in hand
eTurboNews, 3 March 2011
"Few 'outsiders' know of Malaysia's progress in the medical field... 'Malaysia is one of the few destinations that offer the trifecta for English-speaking medical tourists: excellent healthcare, low costs, and English spoken throughout the country.'" Read More

Helseturisme med bismak
MandagMorgen, 14 February 2011
The increasing health tourism market gives a number of developing countries access to greater revenue. But this rapidly growing market for the purchase of health services across national boundaries can also contribute to the impoverishment of the health sector in many countries. Read More

Medical tourism pros consider impact of healthcare reform
Travel Weekly, 25 January 2011
"It is still unclear how health care reform will play out in the US, let alone in the global medical tourism marketplace—whether having more or better coverage will encourage Americans who might have sought medical procedures abroad to get the health care they need in the US instead, or whether the US health care system will in fact become more strained, pushing even more people to seek alternatives abroad." Read More

Medical Tourism for Plastic Surgery, Fertility Treatments, Dental and Primary Care
Yahoo! Associated Content, 19 January 2011
"Although medical tourism has received a lot of attention for its nip-tuck-type trips, you can get both medically-necessary and cosmetic treatments done by talented physicians around the globe." Read More

Outlook 2011: 1.6 Million Medical Travelers = Enticing Opportunities
Travel Market Report, 3 January 2011
"Medical travel is poised to become a profitable niche for travel sellers willing to invest in education, training and marketing in an industry that currently includes an estimated 1.6 million travelers." Read More

After Surgery to Slim Down, the Bills Can Pile Up
The New York Times, 31 December 2010
"Some people without insurance coverage choose to have bariatric surgery in Latin America or Asia, where the cost is 40 percent to 70 percent less than in the United States, according to Josef Woodman, author of Patients Beyond Borders, a consumer guide to medical tourism." Read More

Taiwan Wants to Touch Your Heart
China RealTime Report, 7 December 2010
"Speaking to reporters over the weekend, President Ma Ying-jeou said the government planned to get serious about drawing visitors to the island, not for its night market eats or museums, but to undergo medical procedures like heart surgery or fertility treatment." Read More

News Highlights from 2010

Taiwan cashes in on medical tourism
The Straits Times, Singapore, 12 November 2010
"But, as Mr Woodman told a press briefing organized by the task force, Taiwan has one major edge: geography. 'You could focus just on the mainland Chinese audience and have more medical tourists than you know what to do with,' quipped Mr Woodman." Read More

Medi-Spas Get a Facelift
AsiaSpa, September 2010
"'With the Asian spa scene proliferating at a spectacular rate it is unsurprising that Asia-based spa owners and groups are interspersing deep tissue massages and exfoliating facials with blood and urine analyses, stress tests and genomics,' says Josef Woodman, author of medi-tourism guidebook, Patients Beyond Borders." Read More

Sea, Sun, and Scalpels: Brazil's Bid to Be the Four Seasons of Medical Tourism
Fast Company, 31 August 2010
"Brazil, which has seen the number of foreign patients rise from 48,000 in 2005 to 180,000 last year—and is growing at a 30% clip year-over-year—is poised to draw still more from its neighbors and the US thanks to shorter flights and a bump from futebol." Read More

Medical Tourism Today: Patients Beyond Borders
Peter Greenberg Worldwide, 18 August 2010
"Ever considered going to Bangkok for knee surgery? How about Mexico for dental work? Peter recently chatted with Josef Woodman, the author of Patients Beyond Borders, a guide to medical tourism, about the trend of traveling abroad for affordable health care." Listen to the interview

The Top 10 Medical Travel Destinations
International Living, 1 June 2010
"Many vacationers already know Chennai, India, for its long sandy beaches and Costa Rica for its rich, tropical landscape. But both places are also among the top 10 destinations for medical tourism." Read More

Traveling Abroad for Medical Care
AARP, June 2010
"International medical travel is growing in popularity due to cost savings and, for many Hispanics, language and cultural reasons. Dr. Elmer Huerta explains the importance of researching the quality of doctors and hospitals before making a decision to receive medical care overseas." Read More

Aided By A New Book Lauding Its Low-Cost Hospitals, Turkey Has Launched A Drive to Attract Medical Tourism
Frommer's, 3 March 2010
"'Think Turkey.' That's the novel message of a new, Turkey-specific edition of Patients Beyond Borders, the book that has brought a great deal of attention to the possibility of seeking low-cost medical treatments in foreign countries." Read More

Growing Reasons to Consider Medical Tourism
US News & World Report, 12 February 2010
"Medical tourism, largely grounded last year by the sharp economic downturn, is expected to make a comeback as people begin to feel more positive about their finances." Read More

News Highlights from 2009

"Medical Tourism" to Grow as Thrift Prevails
The Street, 10 November 2009
"Post-recession thrift, health care reform and the aging baby boom generation will likely lead to a surge in overseas 'medical tourism.'" Read More

A Global Guide to Medical Tourism, 9 November 2009
Oprah introduces her audience for the first time to medical tourism; Patients Beyond Borders author lends advice to patients considering travel overseas for medical care. Read More

Medical Tourism: Update and Implications - 2009 Report
Deloitte, 23 October 2009
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions cites JCI and Patients Beyond Borders as "neutral overseers" in recently released medical tourism report update. Read More

Renowned hospitals lead medical tourism
The Korea Herald, 26 August 2009
In the second of a two-part series on medical tourism in Korea, The Korea Herald reviews Korea’s leading international hospitals and medical travel destinations. Read More

Book to boost nation's healthcare profile
New Straits Times, 7 July 2009
"Malaysia is set to raise its profile in healthcare travel through an international guide on medical services in the country." Read More

Medical tourism: Have illness, will travel
CNN, 26 March 2009
"Josef Woodman, author of Patients Beyond Borders, a guide to medical tourism, told CNN that two to three million people travel outside their home country for treatment each year, while consultancy firm Deloitte calculates that 750,000 Americans traveled abroad for treatment last year." Read More

Going Abroad to Find Affordable Health Care
The New York Times, 21 March 2009
"The cost of surgery performed overseas can be as little as 20 percent of the price of the same procedure in the United States, according to a recent report by the American Medical Association." Read More

Singapore backs healthcare to heal financial trauma
The Daily Star, 15 March 2009
"As the global recession hits Singapore's manufacturing and shipping business, the government of the city-state now focuses on attracting more international patients to its world-class hospitals with competitive price offer to help maintain its economy." Read More

News Highlights from 2008

Medical Tourism: Surviving the Global Recession
Business Week, 9 November 2008
"For years, some of Asia's premier hospitals have been popular destinations for US patients who either lack health insurance or can't get coverage for certain procedures. And recently there have been signs that insurance companies might start actively encouraging this trend to save on costs." Read More

Booming trend is standard operating procedure
The Miami Herald, 2 November 2008
"As the national debate over America's medical insurance system rages on, a quiet revolution is taking place behind the scenes. In growing numbers, the nation's 61 million uninsured and underinsured citizens are giving up on a system that doesn't meet their needs and are seeking medical treatment abroad." Read More

A guide for Americans seeking affordable medical treatment abroad
Los Angeles Times, 1 November 2008
"Improving quality and bargain prices are luring US patients to developing countries for increasingly sophisticated procedures." Read More

Special Report: Need Surgery? Call a Travel Agent
Men's Health Magazine, October 2008
"Hospital care in the United States is expensive, and rates of surgical complications and infections can be high. Those are just three reasons why your best option for surgery might be overseas." Read More

Riz Khan on Medical Tourism
Al Jazeera English, 8 September 2008
Noted international talk show host Riz Khan interviews the author of Patients Beyond Borders on the pros and cons of medical travel. Watch on YouTube

The Top Five Countries for Medical Travel
Foreign Policy, August 2008
"Experts project the international market for medical travel to explode in the coming years as more Americans and others, fed up with high costs and long wait times, seek everything from knee and hip replacements to bypass surgeries." Read More

Book Lauds Nation's Medical Tourism
Taipei Times, 30 July 2008
"Taiwan is meeting the health needs of its people. Rated as having the second-best health care system in the world, it also offers tourism opportunities." Read More

Under The Knife In Bangalore
CBS News, 3 May 2008
"If he could have, Brad Barnum would have kissed the ground when he climbed out of the car in Ruidoso, New Mexico, at the end of March. But the 53-year-old building contractor had undergone major remodeling himself—and his new knee and two new hips ruled out kneeling for a few more weeks." Read More

Check in, Check up
Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, April 2008
"With its world-class and luxurious medical facilities at affordable prices, Asia may become as popular for medical tourists as it is for holidaymakers." Read More

News Highlights from 2007

Globalizing Healthcare Q&A: Preparing for a Surgery Abroad
NPR, 14 November 2007
Patients Beyond Borders author responds to questions about preferred medical travel destinations, costs, and potential complications. Read More

Patient Travelers
Forbes, 20 October 2007
Forbes reports on the rising trend of medical travel, with focus on JCI accreditation and India’s Wockhardt Hospital. Read More

Passport to Cheaper Health Care?
Good Housekeeping Magazine, October 2007
"You can have surgery for less than half the price, but only in countries where you wouldn't drink the water. Is 'medical tourism' a brilliant solution—or a too-risky business?" Read More

Operation Vacation: Big Savings Have More Overseas Travelers Mixing Surgery With Sightseeing
The Washington Post, 9 September 2007
Inspired by Patients Beyond Borders, Washington Post staff writer Cindy Loose accompanies a patient to Thailand for a heart surgery. Read More

Prescriptions for Problems? Is It Safe to Get Your Healthcare Abroad?
Fox News, 15 July 2007
Fox News anchor Catherine Herridge interviews Josef Woodman and Peter Lavine on the pros and cons of international medical travel, hospital accreditation and more. Watch the interview

Medical Tourism's Popularity on the Rise
Financial Times, 22 June 2007
"'When I returned from my tour of 20 hospitals overseas, I showed my son the slides, and he kept asking if they were photos of my hotel,' Woodman says. 'In fact they were all pictures of the wards.'" Read More

Road Reads: Patients Beyond Borders
The Washington Post, 15 April 2007
“Forget shady Mexican clinics for phony cancer treatments. Today, more than 100 American-accredited hospitals around the world—particularly in Asia—offer complex, high-tech treatments, often in luxurious hospitals and recuperation centers... Woodman’s book is a practical guide to planning a medical trip.” Read More

Sun, Sand and Scalpels
The Economist, 8 March 2007
America’s soaring healthcare costs are creating huge shifts in global healthcare services. Asian hospitals, filled with international medical travelers, are expanding facilities and services to keep up with demand. Read More

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