Trish M.*, North Carolina, US

Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Trish, age 50, is a clinical social worker affiliated with a major US university. She calls herself a “global nomad,” and she’s no stranger to living and working overseas. Before moving back to the US from Sri Lanka, she and her husband, who worked for an international organization, lived in remote, politically unsettled areas of Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and other countries.

In 2007 while living in Sri Lanka, Trish learned that she needed a hysterectomy and a bladder sling. Not happy with the medical care available locally, she began looking for alternatives. Several of her husband's colleagues used Bumrungrad for their annual physical exams, and they highly recommended she consider treatment there.

After careful research, a visit to the hospital, and a meeting with several Bumrungrad surgeons, Trish set a date for her surgery. She was pleased to see that her urologist had training from Johns Hopkins. “My main surgeon had an excellent reputation, plus she made a great personal impression, even drawing pictures to help me understand,” she says. Trish was also happy that her Bumrungrad surgeons responded positively to her request for a partial hysterectomy, which allowed her to avoid surgical menopause and achieve better bladder control post-surgery.

When Trish returned to Bangkok a month later, she stayed in a hotel connected to Bumrungrad. Although her accommodations were basic, she appreciated the convenience of her location: no need for trains or taxis. When she checked into the hospital, everything went smoothly. Trish enjoyed the hospital’s efficiency, cleanliness, and attention to detail. More important, her surgery went without a hitch. Her husband, who traveled with her, was at her side when she awoke from the procedure. Trish thinks having a savvy and emotionally supportive companion is especially important for medical travelers. “A patient can feel overwhelmed, but a companion can really help break things down,” she says.

Trish stayed in the hospital for nearly a week, receiving nursing care she deemed outstanding. After her release, she stayed in a moderately priced hotel that afforded her an inspiring river view. After ten days, she returned to Bumrungrad for her post-surgery checkup and was given the “all clear” to return home. Her Bumrungrad surgeon wrote a letter to the airport to ensure that a wheelchair and special assistance would be available for her trip. Three weeks later, recovering at home, Trish felt she was having an issue with her incision, so she emailed her Bumrungrad doctor for advice. Her physician replied promptly and the issue was resolved. Three months later, Trish flew back to Bangkok for her final follow-up visit.

“From start to finish, I received the best professional care I've ever received from any medical institution,” says Trish. She describes her praises for her Bumrungrad physicians as “limitless.” She says that they were excellent communicators, which she considers a rarity, whether they were explaining a procedure, giving advice, or simply listening to her concerns. “My positive experience at Bumrungrad left me a strong advocate,” Trish says.

*Patient’s name withheld by request.

From start to finish, I received the best professional care I've ever received from any medical institution.

Last updated on 26 June 2011