Taras S.*, Almati, Kazakhstan

Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea
Oncology, Tumor Surgery

While visiting Seoul in January of 2009, Taras's mother and 76-year-old father decided to have health screenings at Asan Medical Center, based on the recommendation of their Korean translator and guide. The doctor evaluating Taras's father recommended an esophagogastroscopy, and the test revealed a stomach tumor, which was confirmed by CT and PET scans. Taras and his mother are both doctors and, after learning the news, Taras immediately acquired a Korean visa and flew to Seoul to be there for the surgery.

Before deciding to undergo surgery at Asan, the family visited two other facilities. Because Taras’s father had a comfortable relationship with his Asan physicians, Dr. Kap-Choong Kim and Dr. Min-Hee Ryu, the family chose to have the surgery there. They felt that their arrival, pre-treatment, and treatment at Asan were handled well; the quality of the father’s care exceeded their expectations. Although Taras's parents do not speak Korean or English, a translator assisted in communications with Asan’s medical staff.

After his father returned home in February, Taras coordinated followup care. His father has had no complications or related problems since returning to Kazakhstan, and has been easily able to fill prescriptions.

The entire family was happy that Taras's father had a checkup and treatment at Asan. Taras says, "Asan gave my father a second birth, and we are grateful to all of the doctors and nurses." Taras plans to return to Asan if his father has health problems in the future. In the meantime, Taras adds, "We have highly recommended Asan to our neighbors in Kazakhstan, and three of them have already visited and thanked us."

*Patient name and location changed upon request

Almati, Kazakhstan
Asan gave my father a second birth, and we are grateful to all of the doctors and nurses.

Last updated on 27 October 2016