Eileen C., Florida, US

Penang, Malaysia
Orthopedics, Hip Replacement

I limped around for two years on a hip that was bone on bone. I chose to go abroad for surgery because without insurance, I could not afford to have it done in the US. At that point, both of my hips hurt equally, so I planned on having both replaced, as long as I was traveling so far.

The health travel agency I selected suggested I go to Malaysia for surgery, because it is a country that is easy to get around in and has a high level of English proficiency. The flight from South Florida to Malaysia was a little uncomfortable. I walked the aisles a lot. Once I arrived in Penang, everyone I met was kind and caring. My hospital room was a suite. My girlfriend traveled to Malaysia and stayed in the hospital with me. My surgeon had a great sense of humor, assuring me that he knew how to replace a hip. After taking new x-rays, he told me I only needed one hip replaced. I greatly appreciated the honesty.

After one week in the hospital with physical therapy, I was released and taken next door to a five-star hotel for two weeks of healing. The doormen at the hotel kept a close eye on me. They pulled out my chairs, helped me up and down stairs, and arranged for rides to go sightseeing. I continued my physical therapy while I was staying in the hotel.

My girlfriend and I saw as much of the island of Penang as we could. We went to the malls, seashore, and night markets. We took a train ride up Penang Hill, overlooking the city of Georgetown.

My experience with medical tourism was a good one, with no complications. The hospital sent me home with x-rays and paperwork on everything, in case I needed to see a doctor for any reason. My surgeon in Penang kept in touch with me for several months through email, making sure I was keeping up with my exercises. 18 months later, I am still doing well.

The best part of my experience was saving money. I spent a total of $11,000, a savings of about $30,000. Having an agency put the whole package together for me was great. They made it easy and didn’t miss a thing. After experiencing medical tourism, I would definitely go abroad for surgery again. It was a journey I will be talking about for years to come."

Last updated on 3 April 2017