Dmitriy S., Moscow, Russia

Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea

A little over a year ago, Dmitriy discovered a lump on his neck, just below his ear. He first went to the local hospital, but the problem was difficult to diagnose, and he spent a great deal of time visiting a series of doctors. Finally, the lump was diagnosed as a branchial cleft cyst. By then, the cyst was the size of an egg and very uncomfortable. He was advised that surgery was the only treatment and that a large incision would be necessary.

Dimitriy was 28 at the time, living in Moscow, and working as a consultant for a large consulting company. He had always thought of himself as young and healthy, so the diagnosis was a shock. He decided to find out as much as he could about the treatment of branchial cleft cysts, and he researched treatment options in Europe. But, surgery was the only option offered, and it was very expensive. Through the internet, he eventually found several articles that discussed alternative treatments, but none of his local doctors had experience with those methods.

After reading more articles, Dimitriy concluded that specialists at Asan had more experience in this field than anyone else, so he decided to travel to Seoul and consult Dr. Jong-Lyel Roh. His relatives were opposed to the trip, but his friends supported it. A local travel company communicated with the hospital and arranged for medical travel to Korea, booked a hotel in Seoul, and put him in contact with Asan’s Russian coordinator.

The hospital surprised Dimitriy. He was warmly greeted, everything was well organized, and the latest technology was evident. X-rays were taken, and Dr. Roh immediately diagnosed his illness and offered him two alternative treatments. The first was surgery, but much different from the procedure performed in Europe, and the scar would not be visible. The second was an unexpected option to save money: injection with a special preparation. Although Dr. Roh warned him that the chance of success was only 50 percent for each injection, Dimitriy decided on the nonsurgical treatment and received the first injection right away. The duration of treatment was only 10 minutes. He was greatly surprised, having planned for a long treatment, that time from registration to completion of his treatment was just 1 hour.

Dmitriy repeated his trip to Korea one month later, to receive the second injection. He was warmly greeted by the Russian coordinator and Dr. Roh. One month after the second treatment, he was standing in front of the mirror and noticed that his cyst had shrunk. Three weeks later, it had completely disappeared, and he could not even feel it with his fingers. Two months after his second treatment, Dimitriy returned to Asan for followup, and Dr. Roh confirmed that he was totally healthy.

Dimitriy says, "I am extremely grateful to Dr. Roh, the Russian coordinator, and all of the doctors and nurses at Asan who helped with my treatment. I met with my local doctors in Russia, and they could not believe I had been cured without surgery." Most importantly, he comments, "At the moment, I feel great, and I want to thank the specialists at Asan for their top-quality work!"

Moscow, Russia
The hospital surprised Dimitriy. He was warmly greeted, everything was well organized, and the latest technology was evident. X-rays were taken, and the doctor immediately diagnosed his illness.

Last updated on 23 May 2012