Patient Experiences

Delhi, India
My diagnosis was a (prolapsed mitral valve and atrial septal defect, and I needed to replace the mitral valve and repair the hole between the chambers of my heart. Traveling for the care I needed started out solely as a financial consideration, but as I learned more, I realized that I would feel more confident about getting high-quality care overseas than I would here. So I traveled to Delhi, India, with my husband. I did research on the Internet, and I chose a treatment center that I thought was right for me.
Betty P., Illinois
Costa Rica
I am a registered nurse with specialties (board certification) in infection control and gerontology. I have been to Costa Rica on five occasions for surgery.
Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary
Brenda received the antibiotic tetracycline as a child, which in time resulted in a yellow tint on her teeth. She dreamed of an attractive smile, but the costs of having her teeth capped in the US were too high for her budget.
Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea
Almati, Kazakhstan
While visiting Seoul in January of 2009, Taras's mother and 76-year-old father decided to have a health screening at Asan.
Eileen C., Florida, US
Penang, Malaysia
I limped around for two years on a hip that was bone on bone. I chose to go abroad for surgery because without insurance, I could not afford to have it done in the US.
Clínica Vitro, Mexico
At age 64, Marty noticed she had become increasingly sedentary over the years. Climbing the stairs, taking a walk, or even plucking a weed in the garden was beyond her capabilities.