New Partnership with Medical Departures and Dental Departures

Medical Departures
Dental Departures

Through our partnership with Medical Departures, visitors to Patients Beyond Borders now also have access to Medical Departures’ 24/7 patient care team, package pricing, and financing options. Medical Departures and its sister company, Dental Departures, is an online medical service marketplace that helps patients find, compare, and book dental and medical appointments with high-quality, affordable clinics around the globe.

The Medical Departures' patient care team has helped thousands over the world save money on high quality dental and medical procedures. We are particularly excited about the more than 20,000 clinic reviews those patients have contributed to the Dental Departures and Medical Departures sites. This type of patient feedback is crucial to identifying leading clinics and helping patients like you make informed decisions about your care.

We are pleased to have Medical Departures on board as our new partner. For further information or if you have any concerns, please contact us.

Last updated on 4 July 2017