Sun Dental Hospital

International Patient Center, Sun Dental Hospital

For dental patients wishing to take in the spectacular Korean countryside, a 50-minute high-speed train from Seoul will get you to Daejon, Korea's fifth-largest city and Seoul's sister governing body. Located downtown is Sun Dental Hospital, one of the largest dental clinics in the the country and one of the few internationally accredited dental facilities.

Thirty-two dental specialists and more than 100 staff members treat around 600 patients each day. Specialties include implantology, orthognathic surgery (corrections of the jaw and face), orthodontics (braces and retainers), prosthodontics (aesthetic and restorative treatments), and periodontics (gums, bones, and ligaments) as well as a pediatric clinic for kids.

Sun Dental has the benefits of affiliation with it's namesake, Sun Medical Center, providing an in-house ICU and access to emergency care.

Sun's international services include transportation to and from the airport and train station; 24/7 concierge, and assistance with travel. English, Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese are spoken, with translators available for other languages.

Country: South Korea

394-1 Jungchon-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon, SOUTH KOREA

Phone: +82 4 2220.8240

Specialties: Dentistry

Last updated on 3 September 2017