Sri Ramakrishna Multi-Specialty Hospital

Exterior, Sri Ramakrishna Multi-Specialty Hospital

Established in 1975 and part of the regionally renowned 50-year old SNR & Sons Charitable Trust, Sri Ramakrishna Multi-Specialty Hospital (SRH) is one of India's first allopathic care facilities.

Situated on 18 acres in downtown Coimbatore, this 1000 bed facility has grown into one of South India's premiere medical centres, serving some 5000 inpatients and hundreds of thousands of outpatients annually. More than 200 doctors and 700 nurses and support staff treat patients for nearly every imaginable condition.

Specialty centres focus on cardiology and cardio-thoracic and cardio-vascular surgery (including paediatric interventional cardiology and pediatric cardiothoracic surgery), oncology (including surgical, radiation, nuclear medicine, haemato-oncology – stem cell transplants), neurology and neurosurgery (including minimally invasive brain, spine and functional neurosurgery), nephrology (including kidney transplants), urology, gastroenterology (medical & surgical), pulmonary (lung), orthopedics, and dental care. The Women's Centre handles pre-and post-natal care, fertility procedures such as IVF, and gynecological oncology.

A new ultra-modern 230-bed super specialty tertiary treatment center offers the above and more. A long and robust partnership with GE Healthcare has seen SRH grow into GE's top repository of instrumentation in all of South Asia. Patients come from all over for some of the highest-caliber scans, screenings and diagnostics in all of India.

The International Patients Services Centre at SRH serves mostly patients from the region (Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives), although its attractive pricing structure is now attracting clientele from all over the planet. English, Tamil and Hindi are widely spoken throughout, with interpreters available for Arabic, Swahili & French.

Country: India

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital No:395, Sarojini Naidu Road, Siddhapudur, Coimbatore 641 044, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Inpatients treated annually: 15,000

Phone: +91 0422 4500.000 x1870; +91 99 6551.0955

Date Founded: 1975

Number of doctors: 200
Number of nurses: 725
Number of beds: 1,250

Last updated on 7 August 2018