Shroff Eye

Exterior, Shroff Eye Hospital

Established in 1919 and family-run since its inception, Shroff Eye among the few JCI-accredited independent vision hospitals in the world.

Drs. Ashok C Shroff, Rahul Ashok Shroff and Anand Ashok Shroff, along with 12 other physicians and consultants, provide full-service vision diagnosis and treatment, catering to international travelers from more than 90 countries.

Treatments include:

  • cataract surgery (including micro-incision high frequency ultrasound)
  • vitreoretinal surgery (for treating advanced diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, macular hole, and other retinal conditions)
  • LASIK surgery
  • glaucoma surgery
  • squint surgery
  • corneal treatments, including keratoplasty, oculoplastic surgery, and other cosmetic treatments
  • pediatric eye care, including squint and "lazy eye"

  • The Shroffs are particularly proud of their LASIK Clinic, which deploys the latest wavefront-guided LASIK technology including the recent RELEx®, FLEx® and SMILE® procedures. Also known as custom LASIK, the treatment involves new technologies that measure distortions in the eye, providing the physician with the information needed to chart a treatment plan customized to each patient. Shroff Eye is also India's first and only facility to deploy Wavelight® Concerto 500 Hz LASIK instrumentation.

    In 2015, Shroff was awarded full JCI re-accreditation. The hospital has two centers in Mumbai, on Bandra Road (main facility and corporate headquarters) and Marine Drive.

    During the treatment, hospitality, surgery, appointments, accounts procedures and all other communication we feel we are not in India. The infrastructure and environment along with the extra ordinary hospitality made a pleasant treatment.

    Country: India

    222, S V Road,Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050, INDIA

    Phone: +91 22 6692 1000

    Shroff Eye

    Date Founded: 1919

    Number of doctors: 15

    Specialties: Ophthalmology

    Last updated on 10 June 2018