Rotunda: The Center for Human Reproduction

Fertility consultation and treatment are usually long and emotionally arduous processes. As most couples struggling with these issues know, such procedures are also expensive and usually not covered by health insurance. In addition, fertility treatment conducted in a general hospital can often be a purely clinical, somewhat dehumanizing experience. As an alternative to high costs and impersonal care, couples are increasingly choosing to get started abroad, then return to the their home countries to continue treatment, connect with support groups and ongoing counseling.

Founded in 1963 and based in Mumbai, Rotunda is one of India’s most respected fertility treatment facility. In-house pathology, endoscopy, and sonography services allow a couple to undergo all tests and procedures under one roof. International in reach, Rotunda has delivered more than 4,500 newborns in 30 countries.

In addition to the standard fertility services, Rotunda also offers gestational surrogacy services, donor egg in vitro fertilization (IVF), laser-assisted hatching, and a recurrent pregnancy loss clinic. A staff of 10 directors, fertility specialists, embryologists and researchers have received training in the UK, India, Belgium and Germany.

Rotunda's Travel Services department welcomes patients at the airport, helps manage hotel bookings, local transport, ticketing and visa support, sight-seeing or even selecting a "last-minute gift for family back home." A free online second opinion is available as part of the initial consultation process.

Rotunda is India’s only lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual-friendly center.

Rotunda treats about 100 international patients annually.

Country: India

Rotunda: The Center for Human Reproduction 1st Floor, B Wing 36, Turner Road, Bandra (West) Mumbai 400 050 INDIA

Phone: +91 22 2655 2000; +91 22 2640 5000

Date Founded: 1963

Last updated on 28 December 2017