Rabin Medical Center

Beilinson Hospital

The Rabin Medical Center (RMC) is located 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. Composed of the Beilinson and Golda-Hasharon campuses, RMC is the largest medical center in Israel. This tertiary-care facility is affiliated with the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine.

RMC’s Department of Organ Transplantation performs organ transplants, including kidney, liver, and pancreas. It’s the only place in Israel where multiorgan and live-donor liver transplants are performed.

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery is the country’s largest, performing over 1,300 procedures annually. One quarter of the operations are performed on children hospitalized in the adjacent Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, and an additional 300 operations are performed at Kaplan Hospital in Rechovot. A heart and lung transplant unit is an integral part of the department.

The Davidoff Center, opened in 2005, is the largest cancer facility in Israel, treating patients referred from hospitals throughout the country and abroad--some 15% of Israel's cancer patients are seen here. Hematology (blood, lymph and bone marrow) is the biggest specialty here; outpatient services include breast and lung cancer, head and neck tumors and urological (prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular).

The Integrative Medicine Unit for Cancer Patients offers cancer patients an array of alternative and complementary medicine therapies in tandem with the medical care provided. Treatments include traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs), massage and body therapies (shiatsu, reflexology) and integrative pain management; mind-body therapies (health psychology, medical hypnosis, interactive guided imagery); naturopathy (nutrition and Western herbs and supplements); and group disciplines (yoga, tai-chi, mindfulness-based stress reduction, healthy lifestyle).

The Cardiac Catheterization Unit in the Department of Cardiology assists thousands of patients in avoiding surgical procedures with the help of specialists in interventional heart catheterization.

The Pulmonary Institute treats complex respiratory diseases and critical patients before and after lung transplants.

The Women’s Comprehensive Health Center provides a full range of medical services for women from puberty through menopause.

RMC provides patients with private accommodations while hospitalized, including single rooms with adjacent bathroom and shower. RMC will help find accommodation for patients’ companions in nearby facilities. The center also provides patients with an escort during the entire length of their hospitalization.

A medical summary report is provided in English and in other languages as needed at the end of the patient’s stay.

Country: Israel

Rabin Medical Center Jabutinski Street 39 Petah-Tikva, Israel 49100

Inpatients treated annually: 650,000

Phone: +972 3937.7377

Date Founded: 1996

Number of beds: 1,300

Last updated on 30 December 2017