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No overview of India healthcare would be complete without mention of the relentlessly innovative and sometimes controversial Dr. Devi Shetty, founder and CEO of Narayana Health, now one of India's largest healthcare networks.

A UK-trained cardiac surgeon by trade, Shetty treated Mother Theresa for a heart attack and became her personal physician. Shetty''s work with Mother Theresa was partially responsible for his "factory" approach to medical care; Narayana's flagship facility in Bangalore applies an assembly line methodology and economies-of-scale strategies that work in other industrial sectors to complex medical treatments, resulting in high numbers of procedures at jaw-droppingly low prices.

Founded in 2001, Shetty's flagship medical center in Bangalore, Narayana Hrudayalaya, has grown into a multidisciplinary 3,000-bed campus. The Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences ranks among world’s largest cardiac facilities: some 14,000 heart procedures are performed there annually with success rates on par with norms in the US and Europe.

While renown for its focus on heart work, Narayana also offers patients an array of specialties and procedures. Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center researches and treats a wide array of cancers. Narayana's super-speciality Orthopaedic Centre and Eye Hospital number among the newest specialties practiced there.

Over the past 12 years Narayana Health has grown to 13 facilities throughout India, with 6600 beds and 80,000 patients seen (3500 surgeries performed) each month. Most cross-border patients seek out Narayana's Bangalore facility.

Narayana and Medical Tourism

To meet the demand of treating 16,000 cross-border patients annually, a centralized International Patient Center helps match the patient's condition with the most desirable facilities and doctors. International services include assistance with passports, visa, free airport pick-up and drop-off, local hotel and transportation, in-house 24/7 interpretation services, and a staffed in-house travel desk to assist with arrangement of local travel.

Closer to the Western patient, Dr. Shetty in 2014 opened Health City Cayman Islands, where price-burdened North Americans can expect 40-60% discounts on heart, orthopedic and other expensive treatments while losing the 20+ hour plane ride to India. Bringing low prices and streamlined healthcare methodologies so close to US shores are already raising eyebrows amongst the nearby status quo.

Country: India

Corporate Offices; 258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore 560099 INDIA

Phone: +91 95 3800.9375

Date Founded: 2000

Number of beds: 6,600

Last updated on 14 June 2018