London Center for Aesthetic Surgery Dubai

Reception, London Center for Aesthetic Surgery Dubai

Opened in Dubai in 2008, the London Center for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) follows the pioneering methodologies of Dr. Roberto and Maurizio Viel. The surgeons, identical twin brothers, opened their London clinic in 1990 and specialize in blepharoplasty (cosmetic eye surgery), facial rejuvenation, anti-aging medicine, breast augmentation, penoplasty, and liposelection (a fat removal procedure incorporating ultrasound technology).

The center offers a full array of traditional invasive and revolutionary non-invasive procedures. The Viel brothers hold international certifications in cosmetic surgery and are fellows of numerous professionals associations throughout Europe and the US. Maurizio runs the Dubai clinic while his brother Roberto manages their original clinic in London.

A new satellite office in Dublin, run by Dr. Alberto Viel, serves patients once a month.

I would never have considered myself a "plastic surgery kind of girl," in fact I still don't! I had an issue I was desperate to sort out and my self esteem was low. I visited a lot of surgeons but knew immediately that Maurizio Viel was the right person to help. -Anonymous

District 1, Building No. 64, Block E, 4th floor, Room 4017, PO Box 505085, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Phone: +971 4375.2393, +971 4375.9764

Date Founded: 2008

Last updated on 5 January 2018