Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

Exterior, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine treats all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions and diseases without surgery, including serious spinal disorders. Jaseng has amassed vast clinical experience since it opened in 1999, providing more than 1.2 million treatments every year. Jaseng has evolved into one of Korea’s leaders in the globalization of Korean Traditional Medicine.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is the largest network of hospitals for non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders in Korea. The medical group is comprised of more than 20 hospitals and clinics throughout Korea and five in the United States. Jaseng is home to 30 specialized clinics where 328 physicians strive to provide the best available care to its patients—including cases where patients can no longer walk due to severe back pain. For those requiring intensive care at Jaseng, 1260 inpatient beds are available.

For optimal healthcare using the best nonsurgical methods from Western and Eastern medicine, the hospital employs state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including MRI and CT scanners, in addition to traditional therapies. Chuna spine manipulation, for example, utilizes a push-and-pull technique for spinal alignment.

Acupuncture (including injections of herbal extract and bee venom) releases tightened muscles, while Chuna herbal medicine strengthens degenerated bones, discs, and ligaments. Its core ingredient, a compound called Shinbarometin, is patented in Korea, the US, and Japan. Physical manual therapy is implemented concurrently to promote healing and to prevent recurrence.

These therapies are now attracting worldwide attention. Many Western doctors have visited Jaseng to gain knowledge about its treatment system and techniques; Jaseng has conducted collaborative research with Harvard Medical School’s Oscher Research Center and the University of California–Irvine School of Medicine.

In a recent study with Harvard, 95 percent of 128 patients diagnosed with severely herniated discs were fully recovered after six months of Jaseng’s nonsurgical treatment with Chuna medication, Chuna manipulation, and herbal/bee venom acupuncture; 77 experienced dramatic pain relief within two months.

The hospital’s International Clinic has now treated more than 2,600 foreign patients (including more than 20 ambassadors). The clinic boasts staff members who speak English, German, Japanese, and Chinese, and language interpretation services are provided. International services include airport transport, assistance with medical documents, online consultations, second opinions, travel and accommodations, insurance claims and local travel.

Country: South Korea

536 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Inpatients treated annually: 3,200
Outpatients treated annually: 1,200,000

Phone: +82 10 2332 2167
Email: jasengeng@gmail.com

Date Founded: 1991

Number of doctors: 328
Number of nurses: 160
Number of beds: 174

Specialties: Orthopedics, Spine Surgery

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Last updated on 26 January 2018