Entrance, Dentalia

With more than 50 clinics in 15 cities throughout Mexico, Dentalia is the largest private group of dental clinics in the country. All are located in high-end shopping malls, open seven days a week. Specialties include cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, restorative dentistry, endodontics, dental surgery, periodontics, orthodontics (braces), and a special kid-friendly program for pediatric dentistry.

Nearly 300,000 patients from 40 countries have been treated at Dentalia since the clinic opened its doors in 2006.

Dentalia’s international-patient services are primarily focused in four cities: Tijuana, Playa del Carmen, Mexico City and Guadalajara. Services include pickup at the airport and at hotels, and all dental providers speak both Spanish and English. Interpreters for other languages are available if needed. Dentalia offers dental travelers a free diagnosis and tentative quote before travel.

The website features live chat and a price list.

Country: Mexico

Durango no 263 Piso 9 Col. Roma Norte. Del Cuauhtemoc. Mexico DF 06700 MEXICO

Phone: +52 664 681.8911 (Tijuana clinic); +1 855-282.4912 (US toll-free)


Specialties: Dentistry

Last updated on 1 January 2018