Assuta Medical Center

Nurse with patient, Assuta Medical Center

Founded in 1935, Assuta is Israel's largest private healthcare provider network, with eleven clinics and hospitals across Israel. Its main facility, Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv, provides diagnostics and treatment in nearly all disciplines, and focusing on cardiology, oncology, gynecology and fertility, urology, ENT, and complex treatments.

This 350-bed, JCI-accredited facility deploys 1,500 doctor and surgeons, and 400 nurses to treat nearly 50,000 inpatients and 130,000 outpatients annually.

Assuta welcomes international patients, mostly from Russia, but increasingly from the EU and North America. English is fluently spoken at Assuta and throughout Israel. Translators are available for Russian-speaking patients.

A good mid-range business hotel, the Leonardo Boutique, is located just across Assuta's main entrance, and often books so many recovering patients it looks like part of the hospital itself.

Assuta enjoys direct billing arrangement with leading global insurance companies, including Allianz, AXA, BUPA, Vanbreda, Seven Corners, and others.

Assuta originally received JCI accreditation in 2011 and was re-accredited in 2014.

Assuta IVF Center

Founded in 1987, Assuta's IVF Clinic ranks among the top IVF units worldwide in terms of size and success rates.

More than 11,000 IVF procedures are performed annually in the two Assuta IVF clinics in Tel-Aviv and Rishon Le'zion (Israel's fourth largest city, eight kilometers south of Tel Aviv).

The country's leading gynecologists and infertility experts deploy a range of advanced techniques: treatments for both female infertility (mechanical, hormonal, and unexplained) and male infertility, including testicular sperm extraction, as well as injection of a single sperm into the oocyte using micro-manipulation and assisted hatching.

Patients have the option of personally selecting their doctor.

The Center's on-site laboratory is the largest of its kind in Israel, staffed by a team of biologists and other specialists and, not surprisingly, equipped with the latest technologies.

Country: Israel

20 Hararzel Street Ramat-Hachayal, Tel Aviv, Israel, 69710

Inpatients treated annually: 46,900
Outpatients treated annually: 131,600

Phone: +972 3764.3247

Date Founded: 1934

Number of doctors: 1,500
Number of nurses: 400
Number of beds: 350

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Last updated on 15 January 2017