Asan Medical Center

Exterior view, Asan Medical Center

Asan Medical Center (AMC) is Korea’s largest medical institution, truly a medical city, with 1,400 physicians and surgeons, 3,000 nurses, more than 2,700 beds, and 67 operating rooms, occupying more than 4 million square feet.

A typical day sees more than 2,500 inpatients and 11,000 outpatients treated. AMC’s mission is to look "beyond medicine, toward good health" and staff support patients through a multidisciplinary medical approach, patient-oriented facilities, cooperative treatment systems, simplified administrative processes, and reduced waiting times.

AMC was established in 1989 by the founder of the Hyundai Motor Company, Chung Ju-Yung, also known as "Asan." He started the Asan Foundation based on the conviction that gains from business should be returned to society for the people's welfare; his mission was "to help the least privileged members of our society." Today his eponymous medical center is one of Korea's top healthcare organizations and serves as the parent to seven regional hospitals.

Top Specialties

AMC offers a number of centers of excellence and a full range of medical and dental specialties. The center ranks No. 1 in Korea in the number of surgeries performed for thirteen of the top thirty diseases, and is particularly renowned for organ transplantation and complex cancer-related surgeries.

Organ Transplantation Center
Established in 1991, the Organ Transplantation Center performed Korea’s first heart transplant and first simultaneous transplantations of the kidney and pancreas, as well as the world’s first modified right lobectomy and liver transplant, helping to make AMC a world leader in the field. AMC’s success rate for one-year survival of patients receiving a liver transplant is 96%, compared to the US average of 88%.

Over the years, American physicians have worked with AMC’s liver transplant team to learn the advanced technology that enables AMC to achieve such a high success rate.

Asan Heart Institute
Opened in 1989, the Asan Heart Institute is now a world leader in heart disease treatment and research. The institute specializes in the latest technology and techniques, including minimally invasive robotics-assisted Da Vinci surgery, hybrid operations, and stent-graft applications. Institute doctors have been innovators in left main coronary artery intervention, with a one-year survival rate of 98 percent. More than 120 international physicians attend AMC’s Cardiology Training Program each year.

Asan Cancer Center
AMC established Korea’s first multidisciplinary cancer clinic in 2006, with specialists in diagnosis, surgery, medical oncology, and radiation therapy collaborating to develop customized treatment plans for each patient. Opened in 2009, the Asan Cancer Center comprises 14 sub-centers for treating lung, stomach, colon, breast, esophageal, urologic, and brain cancers. The center emphasizes international collaboration and maintains an academic exchange and personnel training program with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute of Harvard Medical School.

Health Screening and Promotion Center
Opened in 1990, AMC’s Health Screening and Promotion Center (HSPC) provides convincing evidence that early detection and treatment enhance disease prevention and cure, leading to reduced healthcare cost and increased life expectancy and quality. HSPC offers individually tailored screenings for stroke, heart disease, and arteriosclerosis, as well as many types of cancer (liver, kidney, pancreatic, gastric, colon, prostate, lung, thyroid, breast, ovarian, and uterine). The center is a top international program at Asan, receiving 950 international patients from 34 countries for health checkups in 2009.

International Support

Asan’s International Clinic was opened in 1989 to meet the medical needs of expatriates, business people, and tourists. The Asan International Office was established in 2009 to meet the growing demands of global healthcare and medical travel. Together they create a foreigner-friendly, customer-centered system for medical care, helping international patients take full advantage of Asan’s services, regardless of home country or language.

International Clinic staff include full-time physicians and nurses fluent in English and Japanese. Fast-track medical exams with no waiting time are available to foreign visitors. International Clinic doctors review cases (medical records, images, and pathology slides can be sent ahead of time), discuss them with appropriate specialists, and provide a second opinion on treatment within 48 hours.

A dual "one-to-one escort" attending system between Asan specialists and International Clinic staff minimizes potential conflicts due to any language barrier or cultural differences. There is a hotline for patients who speak other languages. Financial and insurance counseling is also provided through the International Clinic.

Asan gave my father a second birth, and we are grateful to all of the doctors and nurses. We have highly recommended Asan to our neighbors in Kazakhstan, and three of them have already visited and thanked us. — Taras S., Almati, Kazakhstan

Country: South Korea

88, Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 138-736 South Korea

Inpatients treated annually: 900,000
Outpatients treated annually: 4,000,000

Phone: +82 2 3010.5001, International Clinic

Date Founded: 1989

Number of doctors: 1,589
Number of nurses: 3,096
Number of beds: 2,680

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Last updated on 20 March 2018