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Treatment room, TriDent Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
Budapest, Hungary
Established in 1995 as a family enterprise, Trident has now welcomed patients from more than 20 countries. Dr. George Toth serves English-speaking patients; his drtooth.com website was named in response to affectionate ribbings from his patients.

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Will My Health Insurance Cover My Overseas Medical Expenses?

As of this writing, probably not. While the largest US employers and healthcare insurers—not to mention our ever-vocal politicians—struggle with new models of coverage, most plans do not yet cover the costs of obtaining treatment abroad. Yet, with healthcare costs threatening to literally bust the economy, pressures for change are mounting. Recognizing that globalization of healthcare is now a reality—and that the US is falling behind—insurers, employers, and hospitals are now aggressively beginning to form partnerships with payers and providers abroad. You may want to check with your insurer for the latest on your coverage abroad.

—Excerpted from Patients Beyond Borders World Edition