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Czech Republic Elite Dental, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe Exterior, Elite Dental Clinic Prague Elite Dental's offices are somewhat removed from Prague's tourist crush, although within walking distance of Prague's most renown sites. A team of nine dentists are all locally certified through the Czech Republic's strident quality standards and licensing program. They have received training in Germany, Switzerland, France and Israel. English is fluently spoken.
Hungary Kreativ Dental Clinic, Budapest, Hungary, Europe Exterior, Kreativ Dental, Hungary Established in 1996 in suburban Budapest, Kreativ Dental employs 11 full time dentists working from ten examination rooms with a staff of some 50 assistants, hygienists, interpreters, receptionists and drivers.
Hungary TriDent Budapest Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Budapest, Hungary, Europe Treatment room, TriDent Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Established in 1995 as a family enterprise, Trident has now welcomed patients from more than 20 countries. Dr. George Toth serves English-speaking patients; his website was named in response to affectionate ribbings from his patients.
Malaysia Dentalpro Dental Specialist Center, Malaysia, Southeast Asia Dentalpro Dental Specialist Center | Malaysia |Patients Beyond Borders Dentalpro Dental Specialist Center opened its doors 2003 within a few minutes of downtown Kuala Lumpur and 40 minutes from the international airport. Dentalpro's expertise lies in conditions demanding restorative and cosmetic procedures.