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Costa Rica CIMA San José, San Jose, Costa Rica, North America Exterior view, CIMA Hospital San José The 62-bed CIMA Hospital San José was the first Costa Rican hospital to be accredited by the Costa Rica Ministry of Health and is the only hospital in Central America accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.
United States Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, United States, North America Sydell & Arnold Miller Family Pavilion, Cleveland Clinic Today Cleveland Clinic has grown to become the second largest group practice in the world. Its 37,000 employees—2,000 of them physicians and scientists—work in 120 medical specialties and subspecialties.
Mexico CODET Vision Institute, Tijuana, Mexico, Mexico and Central America Exterior, CODET Vision Institute Established in 1986, CODET''s array of clinical, patients services and educational programs has established its reputation as one of the top ophthalmology hospitals in Latin Ameria.
India Columbia Asia India, India,
Southeast Asia
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Columbia Asia Hospitals | India | Patients Beyond Borders Columbia Asia is India's "new kid on the block," competing with giants Fortis and Apollo with smaller, nimbler specialty facilities (usually around 60 beds) in rural areas or suburban neighborhoods of larger cities. While most of this healthcare network's international patients are largely regional, Western and English-speaking patients are drawn to facilities in Gurgaon (just outside Delhi near the international airport) and Bangalore.