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Singapore National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore, Singapore National Cancer Center, exterior view The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is a national and regional center dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cancers, including thoracic, hepatobiliary (liver and bile ducts), pancreatic, head and neck, lung, breast, ovarian cancers . NCCS sees more than 50 percent of the cancer patients in Singapore.
Singapore Singapore National Eye Center, Singapore, Singapore, Southeast Asia Opened in 1990, the Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC) is Singapore’s designated national center for specialized ophthalmological care and research. SNEC physicians see 250,000 outpatients each year and perform 14,000 major eye surgeries and 13,000 laser procedures.
Singapore Raffles Medical Group, Singapore, Singapore Raffles Hospital, exterior view Raffles Medical Group (RMG) is one of the largest private healthcare providers in Singapore. RMG consists of an extensive network of 81 Raffles Medical Clinics island-wide and a flagship hospital, Raffles Hospital.
South Africa Life Bay View Private Hospital, South Africa, Africa Twenty-three physicians and surgeons and a staff of 300 have seen thousands of international patients over the past decade. Life Bay View performs more than 200 cardiac surgeries and 1,800 orthopedic surgeries annually.