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Jordan Hospital and Medical Center, Amman This 300-bed JCI-accredited hospital offers specialty clinics for diabetes and endocrinology, osteoporosis, in vitro fertilization, men's diseases, and obesity.
St Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City More than 1,700 physicians and surgeons are affiliated with SLMC; they see patients in more than 450 private clinics. SLMC re-ceived JCI accreditation in 2003.
The Medical City, Manila The Medical City (TMC) is a 500-bed, private, JCI-accredited, tertiary-care hospital that’s been operating since the 1970s.
Philippine Heart Center, Quezon City Nearly a million children and adults afflicted with heart disease and related ailments have been treated at the Philippine Heart Center since it opened its doors on Valentine’s Day in 1975. The center is organized to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate patients of every age with every kind of cardiovascular disorder.