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Taiwan Min-Sheng General Hospital, Taoyuan County, Taiwan, Eastern Asia Established in 1975, Min-Sheng General Hospital has more than 600 beds and 100 physicians and surgeons. Its International Department boasts “selective, low-risk, highly competitive health services and packages”—some of them set up to work with US health insurance plans.
South Korea Kyung Hee University East-West Neo Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea, Eastern Asia The Medical Center, exterior view As its name indicates, Kyung Hee University East-West Neo Medical Center (KHNMC) merges the strengths of Western and Oriental medicine. Since it opened in 2006, KHNMC has developed into a complete healthcare complex, with more than 130 doctors supported by 300 nurses and 20 coordinators in an 800-bed facility.
South Korea Kyung Hee University Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea, Eastern Asia Kyung Hee University Medical Center, exterior view Kyung Hee University Medical Center (KHMC) was established in 1971 with the aim of integrating Oriental and Western medicine in patient care and medical education for the first time in Korea. It is the nation’s only institution offering colleges of medicine, Oriental medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacology, and Oriental pharmacology.
Thailand Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia Bangkok Hospital Medical Center | Thailand | Patients Beyond Borders Bangkok Hospital Medical Center is one of the most technologically sophisticated hospitals in the world today, an expansive, state-of-the-art medical campus providing comprehensive medical care through multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists.