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India Rotunda: The Center for Human Reproduction, Mumbai, India, Southern Asia Rotunda is one of India’s most respected fertility treatment facility. In-house pathology, endoscopy, and sonography services allow a couple to undergo all tests under one roof.
India Shroff Eye, Mumbai, India, Southern Asia Shroff Eye Hospital | Patients Beyond Borders Schroff Eye is especially proud of its LASIK Clinic which uses the latest LASIK technology. The clinic is one of the few specialty vision centers in the world to have JCI accreditation.
India Fortis Hospitals Mumbai Mulund, Mumbai, India, Southern Asia Fortis’ Mulund location also offers its world-renowned Hip Resurfacing Clinic, where hundreds of patients from America and Europe have been treated in last few years. The facility is the first super-specialty hospital in South Asia to receive JCI accreditation.
Israel Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Israel, Middle East Chiam Sheba Medical Center, External Photo With 1,900 beds, Chaim Sheba Medical Center is the largest and most comprehensive tertiary medical center in the Middle East.