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Taiwan Min-Sheng General Hospital, Taoyuan County, Taiwan, Eastern Asia Established in 1975, Min-Sheng General Hospital has more than 600 beds and 100 physicians and surgeons. Its International Department boasts “selective, low-risk, highly competitive health services and packages”—some of them set up to work with US health insurance plans.
Turkey Florence Nightingale Group, Istanbul, Turkey, Europe Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital The Florence Nightingale Group (FNG) traces its history back to 1989, when Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital was established under the auspices of the Turkish Cardiology Foundation. Three other hospitals have since been added to the group: Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital in 1997, and Kadikoy Florence Nightingale Hospital and Gokturk Florence Nightingale Medical Center in 2007. The four-facility network, which includes 900 beds and 41 operating theaters, treats some 30,000 patients annually. Istanbul, Sisli, Gayrettepe, and Kadikoy facilities are accredited by JCI.
Turkey Anadolu Medical Center, Kocaeli, Turkey, Europe Exterior, Anadolu Medical Center Through its affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Anadolu's multilingual nurses and staff members receive training from the Johns Hopkins faculty. The medical center's 42-acre (17-hectare) campus is home to treatment facilities, medical offices, and health-related retail stores—all well away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul.
Turkey Kent Hospital, Izmir, Turkey, Europe Kent Hospital | Turkey | Patients Beyond Borders Kent Hospital was founded in 1999 as one of the largest and most modern hospitals in southeastern Europe. With 102 beds, 21 intensive care beds, and six surgery suites, Kent employs 143 full-time physicians, including 60 surgeons, and 240 part-time (visiting) surgeons.