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Turkey Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey, Europe Exterior | Acibadem Healthcare Group | Turkey Twenty-one full-service general hospitals and 16 outpatient clinics operate within the Acibadem network, which is more than a consortium of bricks-and-mortar healthcare facilities. Its business interests include hospital design and construction, emergency and home care laboratory testing, and a fully accredited university. In 2012, Acibadem’s rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with International Healthcare Holdings (IHH), making Ac?badem part of the world’s second largest healthcare company.
Costa Rica Advance Dental, San Jose, Costa Rica, Mexico and Central America Advance Dental | Costa Rica | Patients Beyond Borders Established in 2007, Advance Dental Costa Rica is located in JCI-accredited CIMA Hospital (for further details on CIMA, see listing). Its Director, Dr. Eugenio Brenes, was trained at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in California, where he completed his residency in oral restorations and dental aesthetics.
Mexico Alamo Dental Group, Mexico, Mexico and Central America Alamo Dental Group | Mexico | Patients Beyond Borders Located in Los Algodones, Mexico, only seven miles west of Yuma, Arizona,, Alamo offers specialty services in endodontics, periodontics, and implants, as well as the full range of general dentistry services.
United Arab Emirates American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Middle East Reception, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital A JCI-accredited institution that opened in 2007 as Dubai Healthcare City's first hospital, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital treats more than 5,100 outpatients and nearly 150 inpatients annually.