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Thailand Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia Yanhee Hospital | Bangkok | Patients Beyond Borders Among its several specialties, Yanhee is especially well known for plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. Its Beauty Center offers services in Dermatology, cosmetic surgery, treatment of varicose veins, and weight control, and encompasses a Snoring and Voice Change Center, Hair Center, and Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Center as well.
South Korea Wooridul Spine Hospital, Seoul, South Korea, Eastern Asia Wooridul Spine Hospital, external view Since its establishment in 1982, Wooridul Spine Hospital (WSH) has emerged as one of the world’s leading spine-specialized treatment facilities. With more than 1,200 neurospine specialists and other professionals, its staff provides services ranging from neurospinal, spinal thoracic, and anterior spine surgery to spinal medicine, orthopedics, and rehabilitation. Wooridul follows a philosophy of minimally invasive surgery (MIST), striving for the least possible destruction of healthy tissue, and also endeavors to provide treatment without surgery whenever possible.
Thailand TRSC International LASIK Center, Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia Patient exam, TRSC International LASIK Center Opened in 1997, TRSC International LASIK Center was founded by Dr. Ekktet Chansue and Wanida Chansue with the goal of creating a refractive surgery clinic in Thailand meeting international standards of excellence. Now the largest stand-alone LASIK facility in Asia, TRSC focuses especially on refractive eye surgery, cataract eye surgery, and phakic intraocular lens implantation surgery.
Hungary TriDent Budapest Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Budapest, Hungary, Europe Treatment room, TriDent Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Established in 1995 as a family enterprise, Trident has now welcomed patients from more than 20 countries. Dr. George Toth serves English-speaking patients; his website was named in response to affectionate ribbings from his patients.