Weight Loss Surgery Complications Declining

Posted on 20 August 2011 by Josef Woodman

A 2009 study published in the Journal Medical Care found that rates of complications for weight loss surgery have been declining significantly. This is potentially great news for patients considering weight-reduction surgery outside of their home country, where the risk of having to make a second trip to correct post-surgery problems is a huge concern for such patients and may prevent them from pursuing that option. Lower rates of complications for weight loss surgery reduces the risk of making a second trip, making this weight loss surgery abroad a more viable option for many patients.

It is important for patients to understand the factors that are lowering these rates of complications so they can know what to look for when selecting a hospital and surgeon abroad. The researchers cite three significant factors driving the decline:

  • “Increased use of laparoscopy, a technology that allows physicians to operate through small incisions.”
  • “Increased use of banding procedures without gastric bypass, such as vertical-banded gastroplasty and lap band.”
  • “Increased surgeon experience arising from the growth in the number of bariatric surgeries performed by hospitals.”

Patients may want to use this information to see what extent these factors apply to the hospital and surgeons they are considering.

Our specialty page on weight loss procedures provides more information on weight loss surgery from American-accredited hospitals abroad.

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