Top Ten Medical Procedures You Can Do Abroad

Posted on 27 September 2011 by Josef Woodman

Scans and other testing abroad can save money

Renown writer and travel guru Peter Greenberg recently challenged me to provide examples of what I call "medical travel no-brainers," which popped up this week on

He writes: "half of travel planning is looking for the right deal. We seek out affordable airfare, car rentals, accommodations, even entertainment. Why not also 'shop' for value with your healthcare?" I couldn’t agree more.

While many travelers may not yet be ready to head to a far-flung destination for major surgery, medical tourism offers money-saving choices for smaller, less invasive procedures as well. Every year, millions of international travelers partially or fully offset the costs of a leisure or business trip with a little planning ahead to make room for a medical or health procedure while abroad.

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Last updated on 29 September 2011


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