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Toward Opening a Practical Dialogue on Improving US Health Care
Posted by Josef Woodman on 15 December 2012
Waiting area, Bumrungrad International Hospital

While I attended a healthcare conference last month in Kuala Lumpur, halfway across the planet from the hallowed hallways of Harvard Medical School, my trusty newsfeed treated me to an item that starkly underscored some of the large competitive challenges confronting the US healthcare system and its stakeholders.

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Observations from the Healthcare Frontlines in India
Posted by Josef Woodman on 22 September 2011
Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon
Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

Last week, on the long plane ride home from Chennai and Delhi (headquarters of India's two largest healthcare providers Apollo and Fortis), I had time to reflect upon the astounding rate of growth and change on the subcontinent.

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Safe, Affordable Care Arrives in Latin America
Posted by Josef Woodman on 19 September 2011

Medical tourism is becoming a mainstream concept for most Americans. In fact, you likely know someone who has at least considered leaving his or her town, state, or country to gain access to care not available nearby.

For years many of the most sought-after health care providers have been concentrated in Asia. Hospitals like Bumrungrad in Thailand, Apollo in India, and Anadolu in Turkey have become Meccas for international patients seeking affordable, high-quality options outside of the overpriced US healthcare system.

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