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Posted by Josef Woodman on 23 October 2014
Treatment Room, Sunset Dental, Cancun, Mexico
Treatment Room, Sunset Dental, Cancun, Mexico. Photo Credit: Dental Departures

Editor's note: Patients Beyond Borders maintains the Medical Tourism and Wellness Travel site for We invited Dental Departures CEO and founder Paul McTaggart to pen the site's first guest blog, re-published below. Thanks, Paul!

Dental tourism is the result of patients traveling abroad to obtain the dental care they are unable or disinclined to get at home. Patients are motivated to cross borders for dental care either high costs of care...

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Posted by Josef Woodman on 24 August 2014
The Straight Dope on Buying Pharmaceuticals Abroad | Patients Beyond  Borders
Patients can save big when buying drugs online or abroad, if some cautions are heeded.

Standing in line recently at my local Rite-Aid pharmacy, I was not particularly surprised to see two elderly customers in front of me pay nearly $600 each in co-pays and out-of-pocket for what turned out to be the price of their monthly prescriptions. I sensed from their haggard demeanor that $7,200 a year was not chump change for these two individuals. This experience led me to conduct some research on purchasing mail-order prescription drugs abroad. Our editorial folks uncovered the...

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Posted by Josef Woodman on 07 July 2014
Jeremy Abbate | Scientific American | Patients Beyond Borders
Jeremy Abbate, Publishing Director, Scientific American Worldview

Over the past eight years, we at Patients Beyond Borders, as well as our hard-working colleagues in this field, have witnessed so many important changes. From its turn-of-the-century beginnings, contemporary medical tourism has evolved from a media circus of "sun 'n surgery" to become an integral component of the international healthcare infrastructure. International quality metrics, cost transparency, tele-consultations, remote diagnosis, advances in aftercare: nearly everything innovative...

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Posted by Josef Woodman on 01 July 2014
Patients Beyond Borders in the making...
Patients Beyond Borders in the making...

It’s been nearly a year since I posted on these pages, which roughly coincides with the time it took the editorial team and I to research and revise the Patients Beyond Borders Third Edition. I’m happy to report the book is at last nearly complete, was in fact announced just last week. We are pleased with the final product, representing nearly ten years of research and experience...

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Posted by Josef Woodman on 17 August 2013

In 1997 I cofounded, one of the world’s first online wellness sites, eyeing a projected $2 trillion US healthcare crisis and looming challenges of the sedentary workplace and harmful lifestyle habits. The idea was to offer employee incentives for wellness behaviors that would in turn foster a healthier, more productive workforce.

We were long before our time; after four challenging years we sold the company in 2001.

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