Although a convenient destination for North American health travelers, the Caribbean region offers only a few high-quality healthcare options. Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas and the renowned Barbados Fertility Centre (for assisted reproductive technologies) are both JCI-accredited. The Crossroads Center in Antigua is an internationally recognized center for substance abuse and addiction treatment.

Still, the region’s white sand beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and welcoming hospitality attract health travelers who appreciate short travel times, a chance to mix healthcare with a vacation in a culturally familiar environment.

There are cost savings to be had here too, with IVF fees in Barbados, for example, running around half the price quoted in most US fertility centers.

The Caribbean and Medical Tourism

No discussion of the Caribbean as a healthcare destination would be complete without mention Health City Cayman Islands, a 140-bed tertiary-care hospital founded by famed Indian heart surgeon Dr. Devi Shetty. Current specialties are cardiac surgery, bariatrics and orthopedics. Over the next decade, the this JCI-accredited hospital plans to expand to a 2,000-bed facility, providing care in all major specialties including neurology and oncology.

Note: While not yet included as a Patients Beyond Borders medical travel destination, nearby Colombia is a frequently traveled health venue for Caribbean patients, who take advantage of prices some 40 percent lower than in the US. Excellent facilities such as Fundacion CardioInfantil (a JCI-accredited heart specialty hospital), Calle Doce Clínica Odontológica (dentistry), the San Diego Ophthalmologic Clinic in El Poblado (eye care), and Hospital San Vicente (Colombia’s largest hospital network) serve thousands of affluent Caribbean patients annually.

Caribbean at a Glance

A beautiful destination with exceptional specialty care

Cities in Country:
Christ Church

Time Zones:
GMT -5, GMT -4,

230V and 115V, plug types A and B

U.S. Dollar (USD)

Recommended Immunizations:
Hepatitis A, Typhoid booster


Standards and Accreditation:

Last updated on 8 September 2018