Joint Commission International

As the International division of Joint Commission Resources, Joint Commission International (JCI) has been working with health care providers, ministries of health, and global organizations in more than 80 countries since 1999.

In the US, by far the largest and most respected accreditation agency is the Joint Commission. The commission casts a wide net of evaluation for hospitals and other healthcare facilities and services throughout the US, and acts as one of the few cross-border benchmarks for assessing quality of care.

When you walk into a hospital or clinic in the US and many other Western countries, chances are good that it’s accredited,meaning that it’s in compliance with standards and “good practices” set by an independent accreditation agency.

Responding to a global demand for accreditation standards, in 1999 the Joint Commission launched JCI, its international affiliate accreditation agency. In order to be accredited, an international healthcare provider must meet the rigorous standards set forth by JCI. More than 1000 hospitals, laboratories, and special programs in 60 countries outside the US have earned JCI accreditation. Those who can display the JCI seal have reason to be proud. They have demonstrated a higher quality of patient care and service, while gaining access to a variety of resources that connect them with the international healthcare community.

What Board Certification and Accreditation Mean for You

Did you know that consumers overwhelmingly spend more time vetting the purchase of an automobile or television than a surgery? For most of us, researching the features of that shiny new Galaxy or iPhone is a good deal more pleasurable than digging up data on your physician or medical center—easier, too. With the advent of online, consumer product reviews and social communications watchdogs, buyers can take even more comfort in having matched a desired product to their preferences, specifications, and price range.

While it is not as easy to purchase knee surgery or a facelift as a household appliance, patients now have an array of tools that help assure a safe procedure and a satisfactory outcome.

If you are looking into a treatment that requires hospital or clinical care, you will want to review your doctor's credentials, including board certification. At the same time, be sure to check out a hospital's or clinic's record of local and international accreditation.

Last updated on 2 January 2018