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Did you know that more than 14 million patients now travel abroad every year for affordable, high-quality healthcare? From Thailand's American-accredited Bumrungrad International Hospital to Eric Clapton's Crossroads Center in Antigua to Johns Hopkins International Medical Center in Singapore, health travelers now have access to a full array of the world's safest, best choices in healthcare facilities and physicians.

Books in the Patients Beyond Borders series are the world's best-selling guides to medical tourism, with more than 190,000 copies in print. Impartial and extensively researched, Patients Beyond Borders is filled with authoritative and accessible advice—carefully culled from hundreds of resources around the world. Whether you're seeking dental work, heart surgery, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, or LASIK eye repair, Patients Beyond Borders is a good way to become an informed health traveler and get started on your medical travel journey.

Part One, How to Become a Savvy, Informed Medical Traveler, gives you all the information and tools you need to make safe, intelligent and cost-effective decisions about healthcare abroad. Part Two, The Most-Traveled Health Destinations, provides information on the most medical travel-friendly specialties, the leading international hospitals and clinics, and your safest, hassle-free path to a successful medical journey.

In the book:

  • How to determine if medical travel is right for you, with an impartial overview of benefits and cautions, plus "Do's and Don'ts for the Smart Health Traveler."
  • How to find the best hospitals and clinics around the world, with detailed information on accreditation, treatment specialties, and comparative costs.
  • How to plan and budget your trip for the safest, most cost-effective health journey, with hundreds of practical tips for getting the very best treatment, often at significant savings.

The guide includes the Patients Beyond Borders Treatment and Country FinderTM, a budget planner, and health trip checklist. Author Josef Woodman has spent more than ten years researching contemporary medical tourism—interviewing patients, practitioners, administrators, government officials, and specialists in the field, while conducting an extensive analysis of safety records, accreditations, success rates, and consumer trends. With significant resources and contacts from his pioneering background in health technology on the Web, Woodman has compiled a wealth of knowledge and experience about global healthcare and international medical travel.

Patients Beyond Borders is your complete guide to a world of new and affordable healthcare options.

Special Editions

Patients Beyond Borders offers several special editions that provide an in-depth look at a particular medical travel destination. These country-specific editions highlight leading hospitals, internationally recognized medical specialties, travel-friendly destinations and tourism information.

Last updated on 9 October 2017