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Patients Beyond Borders is the world’s most trusted source of consumer information about international medical and health travel.


....from Patients Beyond Borders' Founder Josef Woodman

Patients Beyond Borders did not come about in a vacuum. When I was first examined for a complex dental condition, I well remember the sticker shock that accompanied my diagnosis, and the many frustrations I encountered attempting to find the best, most affordable medical solution, first here in the US, then abroad. I also recall how pleasantly surprised and gratified I was to eventually connect with talented, qualified, customer-driven professionals who listened to my story, evaluated my needs, then took the right steps to help me access the right care at a great price, and ensure my safe trip home.

Since my treatment, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many patients like you who are seeking access to safe, affordable, quality-assured medical care. As always, the journey involves a community of trusted relationships that build confidence and comfort, and pave the way for a successful medical outcome.

Our Mission

Through our work with leading internationally accredited hospitals and clinics, Ministries of Health, Ministries of Tourism, top private hospital associations, and public-private initiatives, we have located the world's most trustworthy medical destinations, the top facilities, doctors and specialists around the world. Our mission is to help connect patients like you locate the highest-quality, most affordable care, and to provide information and advice that helps give you the confidence to make the best choice among your many options.

Over the past twelve years Patients Beyond Borders has partnered with governments, industry leaders, providers and consulting groups to expand various initiatives within a complex international healthcare community.

About Our Books

Over the past twelve years, Patients Beyond Borders print editions and digital publications have helped guide thousands of patients from all over the world to the right medical choices, with safe, satisfying, affordable outcomes.

Patients Beyond Borders: World Edition is one in a series of more than 20 medical travel title, with more than 180,000 in print. Author Josef Woodman has helped shape the international health travel industry. He has lectured at Harvard Medical School, UCLA School of Public Health, and spoken at medical travel conferences in 14 countries. He has appeared on CNN, ABC News, Scientific American WorldView, Fox News, Oprah.com, The New York Times, International Living, Frommer's, US News and World Report, and AARP Magazine. Learn more .

Last updated on 24 January 2018

Health travel is rewarding, but it can be complicated and it is hard to stay organized. Patients Beyond Borders makes planning and taking a trip so much easier.
–Doug S., Tomah, WI
Patients Beyond Borders tells how to plan and budget for medical care abroad and how to find the best doctors and hospitals.
-AARP Bulletin
Patients Beyond Borders...has helped thousands of patients plan successful health journeys abroad.
-US News and World Report
. . . accreditation and oversight by neutral overseers—JCI, Patients Beyond Borders, others—will be important.
–Deloitte Health, Medical Tourism Update and Implications
Patients Beyond Borders was my guide through the process of considering, researching, deliberating, and deciding to go abroad for surgery . . .
–Nancy S., Durham, NC
I spent a lot of time on the Internet trying to research this topic on my own. I recommend Patients Beyond Borders to anyone even remotely considering foreign medical travel.
—K. Williamson, Los Lunas, New Mexico